June 12, 2018

CEO summer dancing period

It seems to be the season where serious players recruits serious leaders. During last few weeks, we heard the following confirmed by press release:
  • C3DNA has a new CEO with Max Michael coming from IBM, Dr Rao Mikkilineni, co-founder and interim CEO, recently chief scientist is no longer listed on the management page.
  • Caringo has promoted Tony Barbagallo from VP Product to CEO, Jonathan Ring moving to a CTO role.
  • DataCore finally changed its CEO and Dave Zabrowski came, George Teixeira became executive chariman.
  • Datrium just recruited Tim Page as CEO, Brian Biles becomes CPO.
  • Griddable.io recently named Robin Purohit as CEO.
  • Quantum had an interim CEO with Michael Dodson also CFO.
  • Reduxio has a new CEO Ori Bendori.
  • Storj Labs invited Ben Golub as CEO.
  • Tintri replaced its last CEO Ken Klein who pushed for a miserable IPO by Thomas Barton,
  • and Waterline Data appointed Kailash Ambwani, Alex Gorelik moving CTO.

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