February 12, 2016

CDP v2, new iteration from Cohesity

Cohesity (www.cohesity.com), leader in the new Converged Secondary Storage landscape, moves fast and just announced a second generation of its CDP solution. This iteration targets data protection of course but also test/dev, file services and analytics. Thanks to its SnapTree technology, Cohesity enhances OASIS, the heart of the system, with some new capabilities:
  • Data throttling, QoS, Encryption AES 256 for data at-rest,
  • Site-to-site replication with 1-1, 1-N and N-1 modes,
  • A more comprehensive cloud archive function now supporting Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure and Google Nearline in addition to Amazon S3 and S3-based object storage system but also a tape extension,
  • SMB 2.x and 3.0
  • and AWB - Analytics WorkBench - to gain insights with pre-built AWB applications and possibility to build your own applications.
At the same tine, Cohesity adjusts the pricing of the solution now starting at $90k. The company accelerates and continues to promote a unified secondary storage platform with data processing and not a passive platform to just store data. Again, vendors who are just doing this will have rapid difficulties...

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