Thursday, November 15, 2018

DataFlow, a collaboration between DDN Storage and Atempo

DDN Storage has presented DDN DataFlow at SC18 this week. The storage leader picked a recognized proven data mover product Atempo Digital Archive aka ADA, and partner Atempo, and confirms its leadership in end-to-end data management solutions.

The two companies signed an oem partnership agreement, no press release or other announcements were made and nothing is present on DDN nor Atempo website. There is no any mention of Atempo anywhere on DDN booth. Except a few Atempo people, ADA "father" Bernard Peultier and Ferhat Kaddour, Alliances boss, to support if needed DDN team, no indicator of that partnership was displayed.

DataFlow is a pure software solution supporting multi-source and targets such file, object, cloud and tape providing backup, archive and migration services perfectly aligned with high demanding environments needs.

This deal for Atempo follows a few weeks ago the one announced with Huawei at the Connect 2018 conference in Shanghai to offer a joint solution.

We'll have soon a very good opportunity in December IT Press Tour to meet and visit DDN and learn more about all their recent announcements especially around Whamcloud and Tintri acquisitions, AI strategy and data management approach.


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