Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rubrik Alta, a symbol of maturity

Rubrik (, leader of the new generation of data protection solutions, continues its market penetration at a rapid pace.

The strategy is clear with a 3 dimensions coverage and expansion: Applications environments, Data Services and Operating Environments to maximize enterprise penetration and presence. The company just announced a new major release Rubrik 4.0, codename Alta, the 9th release in total, with 3 key features, very critical to accelerate enterprise adoption:
  • the support of 2 Hypervisors, Hyper-V and Nutanix AVH, very present on the market. The idea is to offer VMware, Hyper-V and AVH on parity. This is important after first historically VMware and second the extension to the physical environment such Windows, Linux and NAS entities with Rubrik 3.0.
  • Oracle DB protection based on RMAN with a NFS target mechanism and the SQL Instant Recovery capability,
  • finally the obvious cloud extension with CloudOn to continue the application ubiquitous presence, in Data Center and Cloud. Remember the mission of Rubrik: "All your apps, Instantly Available, Anywhere". There is no Data in this slogan, a bit strange per haps, Apps is nothing without Data and vice-versa but Apps are keys for Business.

The company continues to promote a near zero RTO but doesn't really promote RPO and CDP, again applications without data are nothing. You can restart and failover application but if they use old, inaccurate data, they're useless, the opposite is true as well, protect data and make them available but no application can consume them is useless as well, the couple Apps+ Data is fundamental.
It illustrates the crusade of Rubrik, the company doesn't have any choice finally, to be considered as a real enterprise data protection alternative to established and leading players, Rubrik must offer a comprehensive product and it has to be delivered as fast as possible.
Following the recent $180M series D for a total of $292M at $1.3B valuation, Rubrik belongs to the Storage Licorn Club published recently by Condor Consulting Group. Obviously, the next natural step will be an IPO. Superb story and model for the storage industry, The IT Press Tour will visit again Rubrik next week, we met them last December but as you see the company is growing fast, very fast... now with 400 full time employees. Congratulations.

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