June 12, 2019

New iteration for iXsystems and Asigra

iXsystems and Asigra continue to partner and this time expand their agreement with the Asigra Cloud Backup v14 Plugin for FreeNAS. This software is free for FreeNAS up to 10 systems and 10 cloud accounts, perfect for SOHO and SMB customers. This is the community edition but an enterprise Asigra license is available for large environments and price is based on number f systems to protect.

Even if Asigra is respected and well deployed, it's still a surprise to see an open source company by DNA to select a commercial offering like Asigra. Per haps the initiative came from the Canadian company. For S3 object Storage, iXsystems has picked Minio...

June 5, 2019

Scaleway hides its technology partner

This is pretty strange to pick and use a solution and completely hide the brand and the product from its technology provider. Scaleway even says that they developed their solution which is just wrong as they use OpenIO, a French object storage toy, invisible from the market. But it's probably not so good to rely and promote an unknown player. The reality is they built a first toy sorry product internally now replaced by an other toy. I wrote an other post in September 2018 when their service was in beta. Why they didn't pick Minio, the obvious S3 object storage, adopted worldwide? You can argue "but with Minio we'll do like other", sure but at least the product is respected, deployed and reliable and users trust the team and the product so finally you offer parity with others and you don't create a doubt...

June 4, 2019

Partnership between iXsystems and Asigra

We met for the second time iXsystems earlier today during the 31st edition of The IT Press Tour and we learned new things as the company continues to innovate in various domains.

We'll cover later new products and updates but we wish to insist on the joint data protection solution between Asigra and iXsystems unveiled during VMworld 2018. The product is named Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance and as its name stated is the result of the couple of the open source TrueNAS platform plus the the Asigra Cloud Backup v14 software.

The solution capitalizes on FreeBSD, OpenZFS and HA and it is marketed in four models: X10, X20, M49 and M50 scaling from 60TB to 10PB.

The beauty of the solution resides also in its capability to continue to operate as a real NAS even if the server plays a backup role. And as an unified platform other protocols are available as well such iSCSI and S3 with the embedded Minio service. The appliance starts at $10k for 60TB.

The product has won the TechTarget SearchStorage Best Backup/DR Hardware product of the year for 2018, the finalist was Cohesity and third place was occupied by Unitrends.

May 27, 2019

The IT Press Tour #31 will hit earth soon

The IT Press Tour, the leading IT event for IT press, has recently unveiled participating companies for the 31st edition planned the week June 3rd in Silicon Valley.

Eleven companies will join the press crew, some of them are well established and we already met them and some participate for the first time:
  • Atempo, leader in data protection,
  • Data Dynamics, growing player in metadata management,
  • DataCore, pioneer in storage virtualization,
  • HYCU, fast growing actor in cloud data protection,
  • iXsystems, reference in open source-based systems and storage,
  • Kaminario, top vendor in flash storage and composable infrastructure,
  • ObjectiveFS, disruptor in cloud file storage,
  • Publist, emerging player in online file management,
  • Qumulo, famous leader in enterprise NAS,
  • StorONE, innovator in unified SDS,
  • and WekaIO, developer of the world fastest file system.
It will be again a dense week with hot technologies, great leaders and fast growing companies, the tour will shake the market again. I invite you to follow us with @ITPressTour, #ITPT, various publications and reporters Twitter handles.

May 3, 2019

Kaseya raises $500M

Kaseya, a leading IT management solution provider for SMB and MSP, just announced a new amazing round with this time $500M that value that company at $1.75B.

Among investors we found TPG and Insight Venture Partners and we see a real accelerator for Kaseya with new acquisitions of different sizes meaning that the company will enter a new dimension.

April 26, 2019

Pica8 accelerates product delivery

Pica8, a leader in SDN, unveiled Nymble automation framework for PICOS based on open-source Ansible AWX. This marks a new step in the simplicity of managing large complex networks.

There is no agent to load on switches or servers and it provides now:
  • Configuration Manager is a GUI utility to manage the network environment,
  • Image Manager to upload and maintain OS image on switches,
  • License Manager controls licenses even on dispersed switches and offers inventory feature and
  • Automation Manager to boost all management actions.
Nymble is the perfect companion of PicaPilot and together with PicaOS represents the new network trend asked by users. SDN is a reality and Pica8 is one of the leading provider of such approach.

April 19, 2019

April 17, 2019

CloudGenix raised a new round

CloudGenix, a leader in SD-WAN, confirmed a new VC round of $65M - Series C - reaching almost $100M in total raised.

CloudGenix, met last December by The IT Press Tour team, continues to lead the segment with innovation around applications delivery. Ut's one of the fastest growing player showing clear acceleration for a few quarters. Consider as the new generation of SD-WAN product, CloudGenix demonstrated performance, flexibility and security thanks to the ecosystem of partners such Palo Alto Networks, Symantec or Zscaler but also AWS, Microsoft or ServiceNow. We invite the reader to follow carefully CloudGenix in the comings months.

April 12, 2019

HYCU adds databases for GCP

HYCU, emerging leader in data protection for virtual environments and reference in Nutanix environments, continues to iterate its expertise outside of its comfort zone Nutanix recognizing that cloud eats the world and can't be ignored.

Considered as scandal or not, cloud providers such Google or SaaS vendors like Salesforce don't offer data protection but only makes sure production data are highly available. The only things they protect is the infrastructure, I should say their infrastructure, so the service can be maintained up and running.

HYCU for GCP was first introduced in July 2018 protecting VMs by leveraging Google snapshot technology, IAM and object storage. At that time and even now, it was the first backup and recovery solution offered as-a-Service on GCP and listed on the GCP marketplace.

The company goal is also to be invisible for applications with very limited impact on production with no agent approach, zero deployment philosophy and simple for users. The pricing model is the same charged by source capacity and billed by Google, meaning that Google sales will be commissioned on it.

During recent Google Cloud Next conference, HYCU makes a new step with the full support of Google Cloud SQL with MySQL and PostgreSQL. We even anticipate SQLServer soon as HYCU has developed a huge expertise for such database engine. The product will be GA in June 2019 perfectly aligned with The IT Press Tour.


April 9, 2019

New appliances for Unitrends

Unitrends, member of the Kaseya family and data protection specialist for SMB and MSP, recently introduced new appliances named Unitrends Recovery Series MAX. This new 1U system line starts at 2TB up to 8TB, 128GB SSD, with dual 1GB or 10GB networking ports and large memory set of 32 or 64GB. They continue to offer services Unitrends are delivered like WAN optimization, global deduplication, encryption, bandwidth throttling and even ransomware detection. Kaseya confirms its SMB and MSP strategy presented recently to The IT Press Tour team with this product iteration.