May 3, 2019

Kaseya raises $500M

Kaseya, a leading IT management solution provider for SMB and MSP, just announced a new amazing round with this time $500M that value that company at $1.75B.

Among investors we found TPG and Insight Venture Partners and we see a real accelerator for Kaseya with new acquisitions of different sizes meaning that the company will enter a new dimension.

April 26, 2019

Pica8 accelerates product delivery

Pica8, a leader in SDN, unveiled Nymble automation framework for PICOS based on open-source Ansible AWX. This marks a new step in the simplicity of managing large complex networks.

There is no agent to load on switches or servers and it provides now:
  • Configuration Manager is a GUI utility to manage the network environment,
  • Image Manager to upload and maintain OS image on switches,
  • License Manager controls licenses even on dispersed switches and offers inventory feature and
  • Automation Manager to boost all management actions.
Nymble is the perfect companion of PicaPilot and together with PicaOS represents the new network trend asked by users. SDN is a reality and Pica8 is one of the leading provider of such approach.

April 19, 2019

April 17, 2019

CloudGenix raised a new round

CloudGenix, a leader in SD-WAN, confirmed a new VC round of $65M - Series C - reaching almost $100M in total raised.

CloudGenix, met last December by The IT Press Tour team, continues to lead the segment with innovation around applications delivery. Ut's one of the fastest growing player showing clear acceleration for a few quarters. Consider as the new generation of SD-WAN product, CloudGenix demonstrated performance, flexibility and security thanks to the ecosystem of partners such Palo Alto Networks, Symantec or Zscaler but also AWS, Microsoft or ServiceNow. We invite the reader to follow carefully CloudGenix in the comings months.

April 12, 2019

HYCU adds databases for GCP

HYCU, emerging leader in data protection for virtual environments and reference in Nutanix environments, continues to iterate its expertise outside of its comfort zone Nutanix recognizing that cloud eats the world and can't be ignored.

Considered as scandal or not, cloud providers such Google or SaaS vendors like Salesforce don't offer data protection but only makes sure production data are highly available. The only things they protect is the infrastructure, I should say their infrastructure, so the service can be maintained up and running.

HYCU for GCP was first introduced in July 2018 protecting VMs by leveraging Google snapshot technology, IAM and object storage. At that time and even now, it was the first backup and recovery solution offered as-a-Service on GCP and listed on the GCP marketplace.

The company goal is also to be invisible for applications with very limited impact on production with no agent approach, zero deployment philosophy and simple for users. The pricing model is the same charged by source capacity and billed by Google, meaning that Google sales will be commissioned on it.

During recent Google Cloud Next conference, HYCU makes a new step with the full support of Google Cloud SQL with MySQL and PostgreSQL. We even anticipate SQLServer soon as HYCU has developed a huge expertise for such database engine. The product will be GA in June 2019 perfectly aligned with The IT Press Tour.


April 9, 2019

New appliances for Unitrends

Unitrends, member of the Kaseya family and data protection specialist for SMB and MSP, recently introduced new appliances named Unitrends Recovery Series MAX. This new 1U system line starts at 2TB up to 8TB, 128GB SSD, with dual 1GB or 10GB networking ports and large memory set of 32 or 64GB. They continue to offer services Unitrends are delivered like WAN optimization, global deduplication, encryption, bandwidth throttling and even ransomware detection. Kaseya confirms its SMB and MSP strategy presented recently to The IT Press Tour team with this product iteration.

April 2, 2019

Kaseya, champion of SMB IT

Kaseya, a leading small and mid-market IT management vendor, recently joined the IT Press Tour and we had the privilege to meet and discuss with Fred Voccola, CEO of the company.

SMB markets represents a huge business opportunity and Kaseya targets the first 2 segments Small plus Medium Business. The categories require various IT needs as SMB IT users are looking for integrated products or suite what we can called an horizontal approach.

Kaseya addresses perfectly that integration requirement with IT Complete covering today 9 domains: Security, Endpoint Protection, Cloud Protection, Backup & DR, Monitoring, Compliance, Patch Management, Service Desk and Documentation.

This suite continues to include various integrations such recent ones like Spanning, IT Glue, RapidFire or Unitrends. Kaseya plans some other acquisitions key element here, don't forget the company is backed by Insight Venture Partners among others but its portfolio has some interest.

March 29, 2019

Ugloo is dead... too

Ugloo, another iteration of a P2P backup concept, ceased its operations, it is clearly mentioned on the site. Founded in 2014, Ugloo has raised €1.25M from Picardie Investissement and CapDecisif Management.

As mentioned before, the team had Cyril Randriamaro and Gil Utard, two key people who built Ubistorage several years ago, and some of us remember the Noebox product.

This bad event illustrates the pressure of the market with HDD and cloud storage prices drop that impact seriously such models.

We have listed around 20 players in that category and this info validates KerStor decision to find an exit a few years ago. It's also the case for AeroFS, Space Monkey, Symform or Wuala. Only a few others survive like AetherStore, Cloudplan, Sia, Storj and of course IPFS, the InterPlanetary File System.

March 27, 2019

Kopit is dead

I wrote in May 2018 a short post about Kopit I discovered at VivaTech 2018. The bas news is that the adventure is dead, the web site redirects to the portal login page for clients. Hum... and nothing else exists it even seems that all elements on the web disappeared. The team has even removed the LinkedIn company entry. It confirms the difficulty I mentioned for a long time with HDD and cloud storage pricing fast drop and in current climate business such solution has a very tough life. Eduardo Gonzalez, CEO and founder, continues to mention Kopit as a current experience on his profile.

March 19, 2019

DataGrail, a new player for data governance

DataGrail, recent player in data governance, was a good surprise of the recent IT Press Tour.

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Barber, Earl Hathaway and Ignacio Zendejas, following their shared experience, the company has raised so far $4M for its series A. The mission is to address a fast growing need linked with CCPA and GDPR, especially with the proliferation of SaaS, mobile applications and even endpoints/IoT devices.

On average a Fortune 500 company uses more than 100 marketing systems and today we count 7000+ entities in the marketing ecosystem.

The key point is the notion of personal data belonging as it should belong to the user not the enterprise that offers a service especially an online one. And by personal data, we don't limit the idea to phone numbers and email but also website behavior, product usage, mobile usage, IP address cookies and purchase history.

DataGrail targets this new demand with a string control around email, data access and deletion.

The idea is to manage specific records on various connected business systems and DataGrail has developed until now 100+ API integrations. In real, when a user asks for a an email deletion, DataGrail connected to all business systems, cascades and propagates the deletion order.

This is a key differentiator against some vendor, coming from backup, that can do this for inly one systems like salesforce, this is obviously largely not enough.

The company expects to double its team soon and also pass the 200+ API integrations following lots of demands. The solution runs on AWS ands it seems that some plans exist to support GCP and Azure.

2019 should be interesting with potentially a new VC round and an acceleration of the adoption. Would be good to meet again DataGrail next year to check progress and market penetration.