May 26, 2016

BlueArchive, new story or Storiant revival ?

BlueArchive, a startup founded in February 16, 2016 seems to be the new flavor of Storiant. Storiant, formerly SageCloud, has recruited SASI to sell the company, I refer to that in an post written in October 2015.

There is no web site for the company and of course no logo yet, telling me that people wish to operate in stealth mode. BlueArchive is based in Boston like Storiant and Carbonite and the founders are David Friend and Jeff Flowers, 2 good friends who built Carbonite and SageCloud. Hum, you get my point, things converge. BlueArchive received $1.94M May 16, 2016. When you check the LinkedIn profil of Jeff Flowers, you read the following sentence "BlueArchive specializes in large scale date archiving cloud service" and globally we have found only 3 people on LinkedIn from the company. As Cold, Long-Term and Compliance data storage is one of the fantastic opportunity in the industry, we still don't understand how a company - Storiant - that built such interesting solution finally went out of business. Let's wait and see what BlueArchive will develop and how they will approach the market.

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