August 1, 2016

SpinBackup, a new entrant in cloud to cloud backup

SpinBackup (, a SaaS backup provider, based in Burlingame, founded in 2013, continues to penetrate the market. The company protects Google Apps, Microsoft 365 and globally operates as a Cloud-to-Cloud backup service.
SpinBackup provides also a Cyber Security service as a additional security layer. As of today, SpinBackup cover more than 200 countries, 20000+ individual users, 2000+ companies and 10000 applications. A good success so far. In term of price, there is no free service, it starts at $2 per month with an annual subscription and unlimited storage for Cyber Security, $3 for the Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Recovery and $5 for the combination of the two.

It reminds me 2 others leaders we have met with The IT Press Tour, Backupify acquired by Datto in December 2014 and Spanning Backup swallowed by EMC 2 months earlier in October 2014.

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