February 6, 2017

StackPath continues its crusade with the acquisition of the Highwinds

StackPath (www.stackpath.com), new player in CDN, continues its market acquisition journey with Highwinds CDN secured this month. The company was founded in 2015 in Dallas with $180M in initial capital and among this amount $150M coming by Abry Partners.
Past acquisitions are Cloak, for VPN on Apple environments in April 2016 and MaxCDN for CDN presence and technology, Staminus for DDoS protection and FireBlade for Web Application Firewall all these three in July 2016.
The strategy seems to be pretty visible - Build a new kind of CDN player focused on security - what the CEO, Lance Crosby, names an intelligent web services platform for security, speed and scale. Lance Crosby, CEO and Founder of StackPath, has founded SoftLayer in 2005 sold the company to IBM in 2013.
Highwinds is also the owner of an object storage solution so we'll see how the company will offer this service or just rely internally on it.
The market is super active and the trio - Amazon + Azure + Google - puts pressure on the CDN market segment. It accelerates StackPath moves with no real choice to resist against gorillas ambitions. 2017 will be interesting in the CDN space…

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