March 17, 2017

C3DNA is a true cloud agnostic orchestration solution

C3DNA (, innovator in Cloud management, was a great surprise of the recent IT Press Tour. The company, founded in 2013, is managed by Dr Rao Mikkilineni, CEO, Technology is driven by Surendra Keshan, the R&D leader is Giovanni Morana, we find also Kumar Malavalli, founder of Brocade, as Chief Strategy Officer and also investor in the firm. In EMEA the company is represented by two leaders Kamel Kerbib for the sales side and Bernard Salvan for the technical part.

The team has approached a classic but fundamental IT problem for any entreprise with different roots and design choices to achieve a global cloud agnostic model for any applications. First, the idea is to be application aware but not intrusive with just agents to reside close to applications. Second, the goal is high availability and resilient services completely boundary-less to support heterogeneous environment with on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure. You run an application stack on-prem then decide to move the workload on Google or AWS or even OpenStack running on some cloud service providers, C3DNA makes it possible transparent and fast. This session was well placed in the agenda just a few days after the AWS S3 outage, that perfectly illustrates the need for an agnostic approach.

The current approaches are addressing the problem by designing reactive solutions that imply a too long time to solve the real availability challenges.

We had a great live demonstration with applications (MySQL, Apache Tomcat, web server...) migrated from Google to AWS to Century Link across multiple geos, really impressive. Next steps should include Windows support as today the solution only manage Linux environment. There is one demo available on YouTube integrated below.

Century Link is a partner and many others are trying the solution as they recognized the uniqueness of it like Orange, Vodafone, NTT and ISV are looking also to it such SAP, HP, IBM and Oracle are under discussions. The business model is fully indirect targeting enterprises, telcos and cloud services providers. C3DNA changes how IT architects should consider cloud-based applications with the Cognitive approach. The opportunity is large, very large. Congratulations to all the team, great product.

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