March 10, 2017

Datos IO makes progress regularly

Datos IO (, leader in the new generation of data protection solution, continues to market promotion and penetration. After a very active end of the year 2016 with the small help of the IT Press Tour and the visibility generated by the event, the company received the Bronze trophy from Storage Magazine and fin the Backup and DR category. Great achievement, it means that clearly the product is recognized and belongs to the same club.

Shared with us in December, Datos IO plans to announce many new things in 2017. Among them, the support for more RDBMS and non-RDBMS and leverage CODR to offer new data services, the independence with Clouds with the choice given to users and the capability to be mobile and flexible across clouds with a backup/recover/migrate anywhere philosophy and finally the independence from server and storage. Datos IO is about software whatever the applications (more and more are coming), server, storage and cloud you use. Interesting, we'll follow Datos IO with deep interests.

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