May 5, 2017

Datos shakes the data protection landscape with RecoverX 2.0

Datos IO (, leader of the new data management wave, just introduced a major iteration of its flagship product RecoverX with the 2.0 release.
We met Datos IO team last December with the IT Press Tour crew and we have measured all the rapid progress they made for several months and this momentum has continued since that.
RecoverX 2.0 raises the bar for storage efficiency and offers 10x better ratio than classic approaches thanks to the semantic deduplication, strengthens cloud mobility with the support of flexible deployments models such on physical server, virtual machine, or any cloud compute instance like Amazon EC2, Oracle Compute, Google Compute, Azure Compute... The product can be deployed from 3 to 5 nodes and grow/shrink in both directions.
In details, the 2.0 offers:
  • Migration of on-premise applications to and across clouds, starting with MSFT SQL Server,
  • In addition to non relational/NoSQL DB backup, relational DBs are added such SQL Server and can be on-prem or deployed in the cloud.
  • and the protection of HDFS from distributions like Cloudera and Hortonworks with file-level granularity leveraging file-based global semantic deduplication.

The company has also secured some key partnerships with Cisco, NetApp and VMware that illustrate use cases. Great news as the data protection landscape has to change to address new challenges. Definitely, Datos IO belongs to the new group of Data Management disruptors with Rubrik and Cohesity. Great 2017 in perspective.

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