May 18, 2017

New CEO and funding for NooBaa

NooBaa Storage (, alternative player in Cloud Storage for Enterprise and Cloud Service Prodivers, unveiled in June 2016 to the world with this post, just announced a new CEO and new funding.
The company has recruited Michael Thompson as CEO, he came from OneCloud Software, really unknown, before Sepaton he sold to Hitachi and even before Egenera. What does it mean? Does NooBaa already look for acquirers? Is Akamai already an indicator of that future move?
NooBaa has also received some funding from its existing investors Jerusalem Venture Partners and OurCrowd, with a strategic investment from Akamai. Following the recent announcement of the Enterprise Edition and the first significant success with Clouditalia, the company is in an interesting situation to grow fast. Beyond that, Akamai has made a clever investment understanding the unique value of NooBaa, pretty unique on the planet, that could complement their Aura CDN platform. This Akamai solution already received technology elements from object storage vendor Verivue acquired in December 2012 for less then $50 million.

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