September 20, 2017

Infinidat gave us more details on Cloud offering

Infinidat (, leader in hybrid storage, has made last week a new iteration revealing to the world their next development around cloud.

Following recent VMworld US conference, I wrote a post indicating that Infinidat is preparing something around cloud storage offerings. Gregory Touretsky, Senior Director, Product Management at Infinidat, wrote a company blogpost last April about what Infinidat called Cloud-Adjacent Storage. It gave some interesting potential directions with an Infinidat system deployed at a colo facility and connected to Microsoft Azure and AWS respectively with Direct Connect and ExpressRoute. The Infinidat systems was configured with 2 protocols: iSCSI and NFS accessible from Azure and AWS. There is also a YouTube demo about Multi-Cloud Storage for MySQL connected to AWS and Azure. The recent SNIA Storage Developer Conference, last week in Santa Clara, was an opportunity to understand more details as G. Touretsky gave a presentation titled "Breaking the Cloud Storage Chains".

We notice more services – shared file system, cross-cloud DB and snapshots – around Infinidat’s cloud approach and the presence of Google Cloud in addition of AWS and Azure. The slides show that the company is able to support single region/multiple availability zones, multiple regions and of course multiple clouds. We expect to receive more info soon as the Infinidat announcement should occur in Q1 2018.

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