September 15, 2017

MemoScale got venture funding

MemoScale (, the Norwegian software company that develops and promotes commercial erasure coding, has raised an undisclosed amount of money a few months ago from Alliance Ventures.

The company develops a pretty efficient erasure coding library that complements open source solutions such OpenStack Swift, Ceph or Hadoop.

And this is a paradox as the firm sells a commercial software that appears as a feature for products that are open source, pretty tough mission to persuade users to acquire such data protection layer that appears as a nice to have. This is a recurrent debate when you develop such data services that are finally a feature and not a product. Per haps a good idea would be to reformat the product and deliver a Community Edition, free of charge, limited but aligned with open source product they target, and an Enterprise Edition with the full features list. The other go to market strategy could be the oem path with several good potential partners on the planet having clear lack in that domain.

We understand that MemoScale has some oem agreements pending.

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