November 24, 2017

Datos IO RecoverX 2.5 Brilliant

Datos IO is growing at a rapid pace. We visited the company in December 2016 with The IT Press Tour and we understood that something is happening there.

As of today, the company has doubled its installed base in just 6 months with 50% coming from Fortune500, confirming the need in such customers profiles. But globally it's a challenge for everyone.

The ISV also recruited a new VP of sales, Rick Gouveia, with background in data protection.

The company has taken a new approach to solve a common problem - data protection - for new distributed applications.
First they started to address NoSQL databases then file systems and continue with more classic applications. As Veritas Software was for the data center, the reference in data management, Veeam Software for the virtualization environment protection, clearly Datos IO is the new gem for cloud-based applications. It represents a modern protection for applications. The interest in the company is not reserved to a few people from a special club but to a range of individuals. NetApp and Cisco has made some special investments a few months ago and Suresh Vasudevan, last CEO of Nimble Storage, before the HPE acquisition, joined the board of directors. Cloud service providers are close partners especially AWS, GCP and Oracle Cloud but also companies like Cloudera, Cloudian or Igneous.

The firm has developed CODR (Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery) as a scale-out distributed data management architecture to support modern applications in similar philosophies. And it confirms that RecoverX 2.5 is one of the most advanced data protection platform for applications using database engines like MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Cloudera or big data file system such HDFS.

This release introduces sub-table recovery, incremental and streaming recovery, local backup of geo-distributed applications with maximum data consistency and various security extensions with TLS/SSL encryption, x509 certificates, LDAP and Kerberos, key elements critical for enterprise adoption.

Next visit in a few days with the 25th edition of The IT Press Tour, will even better as the company has a real market adoption and continues to innovate fast. Superb.

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