December 13, 2017

CloudEndure for live workload agility

CloudEndure, leader in workload migration and disaster recovery, was a superb surprise during the recent IT Press Tour in Israel last October.

Founded in 2012 by several formers executives of Acceloweb, acquired by Limelight Networks in 2011, the company has raised a total of $18 million in 2 rounds, not so high for a pretty dynamic segment.

The company develops a software service to make data and applications resilient and agile across data centers, sites or geos. The team promotes 2 usages for its technology Disaster Recovery and Live Migration.

The solution provides a very comprehensive and efficient data mobility method for applications in any directions from/to physical to/from virtual environments across multiple sites, from/to on-premises to/from cloud such AWS, GCP, Azure and even exotic environments such Oracle Cloud or fuzzy OpenStack. The result is a near-zero RPO and RTO for all applications. The list of supported applications is pretty long and impressive with all famous ERPs, CRMs, DBs, Mail and Documents services, OS, Hypervisors and Linux distributions.

The product relies on an agent-based approach deployed on source machines to capture all data changes. We named this approach a CDP mode offering a block-level automatic asynchronous continuous encrypted replication for a transparent approach to business continuity. The encryption uses the AES-256 algorithm for both in-transit and at-rest. Even with this intrusive method, I mean with the local agent, the data capture is fully transparent without any real impact on production applications.

The engine does not use any snapshot technologies or writes to disk, everything working in memory to make things seamless and is able to process massive copy of thousands of machines in parallel.Remote target machines can be started - failover - at any time with last consistent view of the data to continue the business with very minimal downtime. You can also return to original production configuration - failback - as the replication works in the reverse direction.

I invite you try the solution via this link. Clearly CloudEndure leads the pack in a very dynamic segment with other interesting companies such CloudVelox, Velostrata and Zerto.

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