January 5, 2018

Datos IO ready for a huge FY2018

Started with the mission to address the new emerging challenge to protect data present with distributed databases such NoSQL ones like Cassandra, MongoDB or Hadoop, Datos IO shows a very rapid growth supporting by a pretty unique approach.

The company successfully attracted new executives with new investors plus NetApp and Cisco investors and doubled its installed base and its employees number in 2017 for 2PB of managed data. Last December, the IT Press Tour crew had the privilege for a second time to meet the team and visit the new office in San Jose. Following our visit in December 2016, the company gained an incredible visibility that boosted his business in 2017 and attracted talent, customers and partners. This is one of the effect of the tour.

The cloud extension of RecoverX reduces infrastructure cost and we notice the support of leading and innovative object storage vendors Cloudian and Igneous. Datos surfs on the modernization of applications now based on a distributed philosophy. Even if data are protected by 3-ways replication, such environments require a real data backup model. As the DB becomes elastic and multi-nodes, being able to protect data with a strong consistency mode is a must for such environments. Examples of success span multiple industry:
  • Maxwell Health with MongoDB and AWS,
  • OpenTable with MongoDB on-premises and on Google Cloud Platform (GCP),
  • Home Depot with Cassandra on GCP,
  • Macy's with Cassandra on-premises and GCP again

The last RecoverX 2.5 release really brings on the table new stuff:
  • New advanced recovery with query-able recovery (specific SELECT SQL order to restore some columns and rows), incremental (between 2 specific points) and streaming restore,
  • Security extensions with TLS/SSL, LDAP and Kerberos, the famous triptych,
  • Multi-sites backups with DC-aware mode, backend compaction to name a few.
The solution is elastic in its design and you can deploy in 1, 3 or 5 nodes aligned with the application environment and can scale in both direction.

Future releases should add again a new round of databases and we expect Aerospike, Redis, MarkLogic, MySQL, InfluxDB, Crate.IO, PostgreSQL or Couchbase, the support of the last big cloud service provider Azure in addition to AWS and GCP and a way to federate the management across multiple distributed RecoverX domains.

One last remark, Datos IO has made a classic error mentioning that VERITAS Software offered backup in 1983, for you guys at Datos and others, the company didn't exist at least under that name at that date. In 1983, Tolerant Systems existed as founded in 1982, renamed later Tolerant Software then renamed VERITAS Software in 1989. And it was only about File System and Volume Manager, the company acquired OpenVision Technologies in 1997 and started NetBackup business at that time, 14 yers later. OpenVision was founded in 1993 so I suggest you update the slide 19 of the presentation you shared with us as the argument should be changed.

Anyway, it doesn't change what Datos offers, one of the most advanced data protection solution today. 2018 should be again a new year of rapid and strong growth with a goal to reach $100M by 2022.

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