April 17, 2018

Ceph in a box

SoftIron, an innovator in storage, founded in London in 2012, was a curiosity at recent NAB show. The company develops an interesting Ceph appliance optimized for enterprise workloads named HyperDrive.

The current product supports Ceph 10.2 and is much more than just a installation of software on standard hardware. The team designs a specific hardware with standard components to deliver the performance level needed by enterprise class customers. The result is an appliance with wire speed performance.

Also the company adopts a pay as you go subscription model aligned with cloud service provider and SaaS practices. Based on Ceph, the product exposes file, block and object interfaces with a 1U form factor and 48TB. A trial for 90 days is available.

SoftIron develops also a second product named HyperCast, a dense appliance dedicated to real time streaming.

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