April 9, 2018

Solar Archive to preserve emails in the cloud

We just discovered a data archiving company Solar Archive based in the UK and founded early more than 15 years ago. Not very visible, the company develops a cloud-based email archive solution dedicate to managed service providers. This market target explains why the enterprise is a bit confidential or less seen by the public. The business model leverages oem with white label integrations.

The product supports various email environments such Office 365, Exchange, Lotus Domino… via SMTP or EWS/IMAP. Solar Archive servers collaborate in parallel for indexing an to guarantee availability. Following the indexing and other special tasks, the data is stored encrypted with strong access methods. Once the email is stored, the powerful searching mechanism helps users to access content in just a few seconds.

This is a segment pretty well occupied with Mimecast, Smarsh, Proofpoint, Veritas Technologies, ZL Technologies, Global Relay, Netmail, Sonian acquired last year by Barracuda Networks to name a few competitors.

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