June 28, 2018

12 months of growth for Komprise

Komprise, the emerging leader in Data Management for Tiering, Archiving and Migration, updated The IT Press Tour crew early this week at their HQ in Campbell. We first learned the strategy for EMEA as they shared with us the official arrival of their regional vice president.

Back to the product, the mission of the company remains the same but the team has added a few months ago a NAS migration feature based on customer feedback and (almost) everything was in place to offer that. This feature is included at no additional cost. The philosophy is still to manage cold data, not cold storage, and offer a very flexible solution that maintain the user experience intact. One of the key difference resides in the data access options as Komprise maintains the original or native method and adds a new one when users needs to access data through the Komprise logic. It is essentially for cloud data access when data are moved on a S3 compatible storage space, cloud or not, and exposed via a NAS protocol. In that case, Komprise can be seen as a gateway to cloud.

The second value is about partners solutions support as finally Komprise continues to add NAS for primary or secondary entities plus cloud or object storage for secondary. The ISV has also clearly extended its partnerships with AWS, Azure and GCP and again the one with IBM is a key business milestone. We can even imagine a LTFS NAS appliance as a target and IBM has made some interesting integration with Spectrum product line and tape library as well to support their partnership. Komprise has also provided a Data Confinement feature to be aligned with GDPR and facilitate search and reporting and also a bulk recall capability to boost file "retrieval" needs.

The company is also used internally by WDC coupled with StorReduce and ActiveScale.

On the business side, the company has grown 700% year over year and the IBM reseller agreement should accelerate revenue by a strong factor.

Since our last visit 1 year ago, we see several progress, see above, and we're glad to have participating to this success with the press coverage of the tour. Komprise is now considered very often for data management projects when capacity and associated TCO are under consideration. 2018 will be a key year for the company.

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