June 30, 2015

Catalogic solves the Copy Data nightmare

Catalogic Software (www.catalogicsoftware.com), leader in Intelligent Data Protection Management, met the IT Press Tour group end of June for the 15th edition. Steve Kenniston, Technology Evangelist for Catalogic, spent some time to introduce the company and the deep background in data protection. Catalogic launched in October 2013 came from Syncsort Data Protection business as a spin-off demonstrating a strong experience since 1996.
Syncsort Backup Express also known as BEX at that time is now DPX at Catalogic. In addition to DPX, the company started an effort to promote and boost its ECX solution, a product dedicated to manage and orchestrate Copy Data and solve associated nightmare. To immediately get the issue, IDC mentions that 60% of the storage space is covered by data copies so it becomes obvious that this ratio must be improved but maintains at least the same level of protection. ECX is a product to manage and catalog data protection services and images. It provides a service for physical and virtual environment, it has to be considered as a Data Management Platform able to leverage various data copy services from storage devices or backup software to reduce significantly CapEx and OpEx.

In term of platform support, Catalogic has a clear plan started by Netapp, VMware, today available, and soon IBM.

The competition is very active in Copy Data with Actifio, the historical leader, but Catalogic has some advantages to consider for some usages and environment.

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