May 1, 2015

25 years ago, Dominique Vinay founded Quadratec

One of the most prolific French IT entrepreneur especially in Storage Software, Dominique Vinay, launched Quadratec 25 years ago exactly May 1st 1990. I'm pretty sure many of storage veterans remember that brand from France who built a strong backup product named Time Navigator. The company then changed its name to Atempo in 2001 and finally got acquired by ASG in 2011. The product is still sold and has many thousands deployments.

Dominique Vinay left Atempo early 2000 to start Active Circle, a scalable file storage software, acquired by Oodrive in 2014. He quit a few years before that last acquisition to start a new storage company, Exabuilder, who finally ceased activity in 2014. Thank you Dominique for all your contributions to the storage industry.

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

And thanks for the number of jobs he created and the various professionnal opportunities he provided many employees with!

Sébastien said...

Thank you Dominique (hope you're reading)! I started my career at Active Circle, 10 years ago. Definitely an experience I can't forget. I whish you the best.