September 4, 2015

Arcserve, best product at VMworld

Christophe Bertrand
VP Product Marketing, Arcserve
Arcserve (, leader in Data Protection for SMB, continues to penetrate the market with more features. Several years ago, I'm sure many of you remember the day to day battle between Arcserve and Backup Exec. It was before they got acquired, when Cheyenne Software competed against Seagate NSMG or even before when it was Arcada around 1996.
Since that many things changed especially the market itself. Arcserve lost lot of its good reputation when CA acquired Cheyenne, Veritas then Symantec took over the leading position. Again things changed recently when 2 elements occurred: CA announced divestiture of Arcserve and Symantec Veritas - Veritas Technologies - split was unveiled. This act helped Arcserve as a new private entity to focus on the product and the development, bringing to Universal Data Protection a real new life. The second announcement put Veritas in a fragile position. Back to the future for Arcserve with a very strong features set for UDP, a pretty team and the "Best of VMworld 2015" Gold Award in the Disaster Recovery and Backup for Virtualized Environments category. Congrats.

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