September 18, 2015

16th edition IT Press Tour in October

The IT Press Tour (, the leading media event in US for EMEA press, will organize the 16th edition dedicated to Business and IT Applications 1st week of October in California. This edition will be the first one of this nature with several new journalists from Europe. 15 European reporters will converge to San Francisco to meet and visit 11 companies:
  • Anaplan, leader in Enterprise Planning and managed by a top French entrepreneur,
  • Arcitecta, innovator in metadata management,
  • AtScale, recent player for BI on Hadoop,
  • Branch Metrics, developer of a deep link technology for mobile applications,
  • Datadog, reference in Cloud-scale Monitoring,
  • Delphix, pioneer in Data Virtualization,
  • Filepicker, a developer solution for document and file management,
  • Hortonworks, one of the leader in Open Enterprise Hadoop,
  • Metadata, enabler of B2B demand generation,
  • NuoDB, leader in scale-out SQL database,
  • and Solix Technologies, Data Management reference for structured data.
Follow the tour with the hashtag #ITPT, also follow me at @CDP_FST and other press group members. It will rock again...

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