March 15, 2016

Cohesity + Pure Storage, a clever couple

Cohesity ( and Pure Storage ( | NYSE:PSTG), 2 leaders and innovators in data storage, just announced a partnership. In 2 words, Pure Storage with All-Flash Array line serves as primary storage of course and Cohesity C2000 harmonizes the secondary data landscape.
One of the value users understand when they think about adopting these 2 solutions reside in the choice of something really new and not an extension or addition or something existent with classic vendors or at least classic product with new capabilities. Both of them use Flash + deduplication and contribute drastically to a low TCO by reducing footprint and energy while serving and protecting data better.

The solution is composed by 2 elements: a 3U Pure Storage FlashArray and a 2U Cohesity C2000 appliance and si pretty simple to integrate via VMware API, so finally each VM protection policy triggers a data flow towards the Cohesity device. Next step seems to be an integration based on Pure Storage snapshots mechanism to be stored directly on C2000 appliances. Both companies organizes a joint webcast soon to explain this deployment, you can easily register here.


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