May 9, 2016

IT Press Tour #19 - 6 years later

The IT Press Tour (, launched in June 2010, will celebrate a team success for the 19th edition next June. So far, the tour has met 137 companies, delivered 200 sessions as some companies did multiple editions (for example, Cloudera did 5 editions, Nimble Storage, Pure Storage, Solidfire or Hortonworks, 4 editions...) and generated more than 5000 articles in online and print magazine.
The tour has largely contributed to create visibility for invisible companies, its success speaks for itself.
The next edition end of June will be dedicated to IT Infrastructure and will take place in San Francisco and the valley. As usual, the tour team has invited many innovative companies, many of them are pioneers in their respective segment, and the list as of today is:
  • Cloudian, the best object storage for on-premise S3,
  • Datrium, the premier supplier of server-powered storage systems as they name themselves,
  • Hedvig, a new SDS approach by the father of Amazon Dynamo and Apache Cassandra,
  • Kaminario, one of the fastest All-Flash Array,
  • OpenIO, one of the few pioneers of object storage,
  • Portworx, a leader in software-defined storage for containerized applications,
  • Rozo Systems, a super fast scale-out NAS,
  • Springpath, innovator in hyperconvergence software,
  • Sysdig, first and only comprehensive set of container-native visibility solutions,
  • Versity, key player in data tiering for demanding environments,
  • and some confidential ones we can't mention today.
Follow the tour with the hashtag #ITPT, you can also follow dedicated Twitter handle @ITPressTour and other press group members. This tour will be exceptional... again... for everything related to storage.

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