September 16, 2016

New Data Protection flavor for Veritas

Veritas Technologies (, the leader in data management, took advantage of its conference Veritas Vision to update NetBackup and introduce a new approach in data protection with a Copy Data Management (CDM).
First the enterprise backup leader NetBackup adds new connectors to support Microsoft Azure and OpenStack in addition to Google Cloud Platform and of course Amazon Web Services. It will be available in the next few quarters.

Scott Anderson, SVP Data Protection,
Veritas Technologies
Sometimes connected to this topic but also existing as an independent approach like Delphix, Actifio and Catalogic, CDM was a missing point for Veritas and the company introduced Velocity as a separate offering. But it will be coupled with NetBackup as a target entity via OST and can be also be deployed as a standalone product. Two flavors will exist: a virtual appliance and a physical one. The product is currently under a controlled release process and users can registered themselves to the Early Access Program here. Pricing should be by capacity.
The other good surprise was InfoMap or InformationMap that speaks for itself. It is today integrated with NetBackup as the product understands the backup catalog so it gives a very deep map of what is protected and how. The next step should be the connection with other products such InfoScale, Velocity an VRP.
Last Data Protection item is covered by Veritas Resiliency Platform, available in October in 2.1, able to orchestrate more and more data protection products such NetBackup of course but also Velocity, EMC SRDF & RecoverPoint, NetApp SnapMirror & Clustered Data ONTAP, Microsoft Hyper-V Replica, Hitachi TruCopy, HPE 3PAR and datamovers with InfoScale Availability/Enterprise, and still for unstructured data and Oracle database. Last surprise was a very low profile of Backup Exec during the conference with sessions but no announcements. Still a communication strategy I don't understand when you have your own conference and you prefer to announce a product update 2 weeks before that show and will announce a major release with BE v16 in November. Strange isn't it ?

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