October 13, 2016

Quantum introduces new Scalar

Quantum (www.quantum.com | NYSE:QTM), leader in secondary storage, just unveils a new line of tape libraries and a coupled solution with StorNext. The first two new products are the i3 and the i6 respectively for the SMB and the enterprise segment. i3 is a 12U and 3PB unit and i6 can stored up to 12PB on 48U.
They represent the perfect companion for Xcellis and Artico and still produce a very compelling TCO approach to store unstructured data even if cold disk storage with Spin Down, MAID or Zero Watt or optical storage approaches are not mentioned in the below illustration. Tape TCO is very difficult to beat, no doubt.

The last product is the AEL6 which is the bundled of i6 with StorNext. Two key features are also offered with these solutions: EDLM - Extended Data Lifecycle Management - to provide self-healing archive and Active Vault aka "In-Library Vault" to reach an unbeatable $0.0001/GB. Wow!! All these 3 products will be available November 15th starting at $8k for i3, $25k for i6 and $42.5$ for AEL6.
Quantum will participate to the 21st IT Press Tour in December and it will be the perfect moment to meet the executives team (and new member) and get a strategy and product refresh. Great.

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