February 17, 2017

Rubrik is going fast, super fast

Rubrik (www.rubrik.com), leader in the new data protection generation, is an impressive player, going super fast in term of growth in every sector of the company. They just announced a revenue around $100M after just 6 quarters of selling. I let you do the math but if the first quarter was $1M, the quarterly average growth is around 115%.
Wow! During the last 12 months, revenue was multiplied by 7 with 250 employees now present on 5 continents and don't forget the company was founded in 2014. As a100% channel strategy adopter, Rubrik counts now 220+ channel partners across the globe. We had the chance with the IT Press Tour crew to visit and meet 2 times Rubrik at their Palo Alto HQ and we fully agree on the dynamism of the team and compelling product they develop and confirm that something is happening with them on the market. Congratulations to Bipul and his team.

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