May 2, 2017

Wasabi wished to shake the cloud storage industry

Wasabi (, innovator in cloud storage space, will unveil its offering in a few hours now. The new entity is the new name of BlueArchive and I wrote about it in May 2016.
The current web site address is and we expect it will be change to wasabi something very soon now. They play in the cloud storage market and it's the natural extension of all work done with Storiant and other past entities. This Wasabi company is not related with Wasabi Systems who developed iSCSI appliance.
Founded by serial entrepreneurs Jeff Flowers and David Friend (Carbonite, SageCloud, Storiant, BlueArchive), Wasabi’s goal is really to shake the industry with a compelling cloud storage approach with new pricing, speed and reliability model. We’ll see how it will compete with some offering such Backblaze who announced recently a new pricing at $0.02GB/mo. and how the price is positioned with the trends indicated in the recent 451Research object storage study.


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