June 5, 2018

Veritas protects SaaS applications

Veritas Technologies, the #1 Data Management company in the world, just introduced its Data Protection strategy for SaaS applications to protect Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite and Salesforce. In fact the company has announced a new product - Veritas SaaS Backup - coupled with Veritas Information Map and Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloud that globally are named Veritas Data Protection & Governance for X where X can be Office 365 or G Suite.

Beyond of the already existent products - Information Map and Enterprise Vault.cloud - SaaS Backup is a hosted cloud-to-cloud backup. It's automatic, up to 6 sessions per day, with instant restores, accessible anywhere, anytime on any device, with in-flight encryption based on TLS 1.2 and at-rest encryption based on AES 256. It offers also role-based access control and multi factor authentication. Restore are granular and can be based on point-in-times images.

Fees are the same for each platform: $4/user/month with a minimum of 12 months commitment. The default retention is 365 days and beyond that default period, you can buy additional time extension. Really good approach for Veritas who finally arrives a bit after several players but this market segment is represented by small vendors or niche players. Veritas has now to articulate this solution around its portfolio to leverage its leadership and really huge installed base.

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