June 10, 2019

Atempo promotes Miria to accelerate growth

Atempo, a reference in data protection, made a key decision with the evolution of Atempo Digital Archive known as ADA, a well established archiving product on the market, to become Miria, at least to serve a its roots.

The idea is to offer a comprehensive product to address backup, archive, migration and data moving at scale i.e for high volume unstructured IT storage entities. In fact the product is dedicated to file storage and NAS, everything exposing a file interface so all storage servers presenting a NFS or SMB protocols are good candidates.

The architecture uses a master-slave model, slaves being data movers controlled by the Miria central server coupled with 2 UI for admin and users. Data movers, multi-threaded processes, dynamically initiated and working in parallel, represent a key performance element in the design of the solution as they finally deliver the SLA expected by users. They offer advanced features such fail-over, load-balancing and data path optimization. A scheduling mode is included with a user-initiated capability and even integration with applications via CLI or API. Well know for its central administration console with very interesting features with Tina, Atempo leverages its "savoir-faire" to build Miria GUI.

Atempo has chosen also to adapt a bit its sales strategy with strategic alliances with Huawei, DDN and Qumulo and opened US and APAC markets as these brands are strong there. Miria is adopted by large corporations to migrate from any NAS to DDN or Qumulo, to backup large file storage environments or propagate/syncrhonization data across multiple sites... all at a rapid pace. We expect the company to add Lustre support soon and also to see what Nextino, Atempo's AI subsidiary, to bring in that domain.

Real clever move for Atempo who needs to add more alliances and end-users deals to confirm market footprints. I recommend to approach Pure Storage and adds cloud to cloud capabilities.

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