June 4, 2019

Partnership between iXsystems and Asigra

We met for the second time iXsystems earlier today during the 31st edition of The IT Press Tour and we learned new things as the company continues to innovate in various domains.

We'll cover later new products and updates but we wish to insist on the joint data protection solution between Asigra and iXsystems unveiled during VMworld 2018. The product is named Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance and as its name stated is the result of the couple of the open source TrueNAS platform plus the the Asigra Cloud Backup v14 software.

The solution capitalizes on FreeBSD, OpenZFS and HA and it is marketed in four models: X10, X20, M49 and M50 scaling from 60TB to 10PB.

The beauty of the solution resides also in its capability to continue to operate as a real NAS even if the server plays a backup role. And as an unified platform other protocols are available as well such iSCSI and S3 with the embedded Minio service. The appliance starts at $10k for 60TB.

The product has won the TechTarget SearchStorage Best Backup/DR Hardware product of the year for 2018, the finalist was Cohesity and third place was occupied by Unitrends.

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