August 23, 2019

Rubrik adds CDP and data governance with Andes 5.1

Funny, CDP was a hot more than a decade ago and I even started this blog in 2005 almost 15 years ago, to reflect this market trend. We all remember some vendors like Revivio, InMage, Axxana, Asempra, Mendocio, TimeSpring, Kashya, Topio, Constant Data, Storactive, Atempo or Synerway. Except Atempo, they all got swallowed or disappeared.

Next gen players just introduced it like Rubrik with Andes 5.1 for VMware based on vSphere API for I/O filtering. Rubrik already provide journal-based CDP for DB. We understand that the IT environment evolved a lot essentially from bare-metal to virtual environment and on-premise to cloud. CDP helps to reach better RPOs moving near to zero so almost no loss of data.

Polaris GPS is a SaaS data protection platform to protect on-premies and cloud-based applications. It receives a new data classification service named Polaris Sonar, also a SaaS application, that leverages machine learning to better manage data and especially personally identifiable information aka PII and more globally sensitive data. Also Polaris AppFlows is added to orchestrate DR converting backup snapshots into AWS EC2 instances powered by CloudOn technology.

Rubrik introduced as well Smart Data Tiering to move archived data to Azure. WORM capabilities is offered now with the Retention Locked SLA Domains feature.

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