September 20, 2019

Active Scale is an orphan

The DDN acquisition of the Western Digital IntelliFlash business illustrates difficulties of storage components manufacturers to morph into system vendors. In fact, they wished to add new growth area but they just realize they don't know how to and hit the wall as they compute against their clients, all the other classic established storage systems vendors.

Now there is an other challenge with Active Scale coming from Amplidata acquisition early 2015 for $310M. Honestly we have expected some better improvements for the object storage solution but we understand this is not enough. The product didn't have a good reputation, it was a surprise that the team finally got an exit and there is a good risk that it will just put on a shelf as a trophy. Who can buy this? and at what price?

It confirms again what I wrote a few months ago that object storage is dead because S3 eats everything. It represents a new bad indicator for other independent players who battle to survive after more than a decade of life.


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