Friday, October 18, 2019

Ayehu promotes IT Automation

Ayehu Software Technologies, good surprise of the last IT Press Tour, is a pioneer of IT Automation powered by AI. The company started in Israel in 2007 by Gabbi Nizri, CEO, and Yaron Levy, CTO, has its HQ in San Jose globally with 40+ employees having raised so far $7.36M - Seed and Series A - from Benhamou Ventures Partners, KEC Ventures and MG Equity Partners.

The main idea is to automate IT by reducing human intervention that takes time, creates errors and are very difficult to reproduce identical actions. Gartner found that 85% of service desks spending is on personal.

As of today, Ayehu has more than 215 medium and large enterprises customers accelerating last few years. Among them, we can list IBM, Amdocs, Cap Gemini, UBS, AIG, Comcast, GE, UPS and PepsiCo to name a few. IT Automation helps enterprises reducing avoidable costs and improves quality of service and reduce time to result in a very efficient and reproductible way.

IT Automation exists for quite some time but recent IT developments invite players to add AI to offer a new dimension of such services.

The secret sauce of such IT Automation solution is its integration with a variety of its tools used by enterprises.

Ayehu is a horizontal product that doesn't require any code also very easy to use being very intuitive with machine learning intelligence to build flexible workflows rapidly and available immediately. The GUI is very rapid to learn with a diagram, box approach representing tasks and actions you wish to connect to solve a problem or deploy a service.

Such approach is only good if it produces huge gains for enterprises on IT costs budgets an on users satisfaction with efficient and rapid actions. The following example speaks for itself.

The company is a perfect candidate for our visit in Israel next March 2020.

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