April 13, 2020

Weebit will be ready soon

Weebit, an emerging persistent memory player, presented its strategy during a recent digital IT Press Tour due to Covid-19. The company is public traded on the Australian market (ASX:WBT) with a current market capitalization of $20M.

Weebit develops ReRAM memory technology and claims to be 1000x faster, 1000x more energy efficient with 100x higher endurance than Flash. Under development and soon in production with several pending patents, Weebit leverages standard materials and is based on SiOX (Silicon Oxide) to drastically reduce cost.

The company is led by senior executives with strong track record in the domain:
  • Coby Hanoch, CEO, was at Verisity, Cadence, Jasper, PacketLight
  • Amir Regev, CTO, spent time at Intel, SanDisk, Micron and Marvell,
  • Dr Yoav Nissan-Cohen, Executive Director with an impressive board of directors.
The team has signed a strategic partnership with CEA-LETI to co-produce memory chips.

The big claim is that ReRAM, Resistive RAM, will replace Flash as soon as mass production starts. First demonstration should be ready by end of 2020.

The business opportunity is big and among players in addition to Weebit we identify:
  • Samsung already started the production of its eMRAM (embedded Magnetoresistive RAM),
  • Everspin Technologogies promoting MRAM (Magnetoresistive RAM) with example such Smart Modular nvNITRO Storage Accelerator,
  • Rambus acquired Unity Semiconductor in 2012 for $35M,
  • Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd. partners with Panasonic,
  • Crossbar seems to shift its adventure with active presence in Asia,
The memory market is split in many segments as shown by the image below.

China represents a perfect land for Weebit and ReRAM. The Go-To-Market strategy relies on partnership and one of them is XTX Technology, a chinese Flash memory chips company, who plans to replace Flash. The second one is SiEn, also chinese company who expects to integrate ReRAM from Weebit into IoT devices and other products requiring non-volatile memory.

Next, AI with its huge volume and fast access time requirements would be also a perfect fit.

We'll monitor closely news from Weebit especially for the really first production of their ReRAM products.

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