June 25, 2020

Fujifilm announced pricing model for Object Archive

Fujifilm Recording Media, introduced its pricing model for its new object archive product. For more info, I invite you to read the recent post about this new interesting software product.

The pricing philosophy doesn't consider egress cost like AWS S3 Glacier charges users. Capacity and term are the two dimensions of the pricing model, capacity is the total of data managed by the software and term is essentially 3 or 5 years. The model is built for 1PB but Fujifilm allocates 2PB for data stored at S3 level and on tapes. Tapes are included and the volumes is translated in 350 LTO7 and 180 LTO8 tapes.

For a limited period of time, until end of December 2020, Fujifilm offers 500TB for software but tapes have to be purchased or coupled with an installed configuration.

The pricing model gives us multiple informations:
  • For 1PB (2PB stored) and 3 years term, the costs is $0.36/month/TB in LTO8 and $0.41 for LTO7
  • For similar volume and 5 years term, it costs $0.38/mo./TB for LTO8 and $0.42/mo./TB.
Pretty attractive model with software and tape included in the same bundle.

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