Monday, July 20, 2020

StorCentric unveils 3rd generation of Unity product line

StorCentric, holding structure controlling Nexsan, Drobo, Vexata and Retrospect Software, recently announced a new generation of Nexsan Unity product with model 3300 and 7900.

These products represents the 3rd iteration and support hybrid and all flash media and expose block and file protocols.

Two new key features appear, the first Data Migration helps adoption and installation of the array with the capability to move data to the new storage device smoothly. The second is the Cloud Connector supporting 18 public clouds from top well known to regional ones for tiered storage.

Unity is also able to connect to Assureon, the immutable storage solution coming for Nexsan and before Evertrust.

Unity is a very rich unified product providing high availability, snapshots, ESXi integration, inline compression, FASTier™ caching, asynchronous and synchronous replication, data at rest encryption, and advanced checksums and background scrubbing to avoid silent data corruption.

Both systems embed 2 controllers,
  • Unity 3300 is a 3U chassis with 120 HDDs or 24 SAS SSDs maximum with the expansion representing respectively 1.68PB and 983TB, 256GB of DRAM, 1.6TB of SSD for FASTier write cache and same capacity for read cache.
  • Unity 7900 is a 2U chassis with 480 HDDs and 216 SAS SSDs again with expansions chassis for 6.72PB and 3.31PB respectively, 448GB DRAM, 16BG of NVDIMMs for write cache and 1.6TB of SSD for read cache.

The Unity family represents an interesting alternative to classic unified storage from Pure Storage, Infinidat, NetApp, Dell EMC or recent Pavilion Data Systems even of some of them like Pavilion offers a third interface like S3.

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