October 30, 2020

StrongBox signs a huge deployment

StrongBox Data Solutions, a leader in Data Management, just announced a mega deployment at DKRZ. The deal is huge for the company both in tern of data capacity managed but also in terms of revenue and will last 5 years.

The project is two fold: management 120PB per year of HPC workflow and 150PB of migration form the previous system based on HPSS. StrongLink will replace proprietary HPSS services with LTFS and S3. The goal is to manage all data horizontally across many storage units with network file systems, LTFS and S3 with intelligent transparent tiering. Initially 150PB has to be migrated from previous HPSS configuration and manage 120PB per year of new data. It means that this organization generates on average more than 320TB every day.

In details, StrongLink will create a virtual namespace over tier 0, 1 and 2 environment from HPC storage, 1PB of tier 1 cache and 5 tape libraries equipped with 90 tape drive sand 75,000 cartridge slots. This project is implemented and supported by Cristie Data.

This deal confirms the scalable approach StrongBox Data can offer and will probably serve as an active reference inviting similar project to consider StrongLink.


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