December 22, 2020

Atempo updates Lina 2020

Atempo, the European leader in data protection, also refreshes Lina with the recent announcement train. Lina, the solution dedicated to endpoints i.e workstations, desktop and laptop so essentially a ROBO solution, is updated with a service pack release 5.2.

The product offers encryption, deduplication at the source in a CDP behavior and can be deployed on-premise.

Atempo also signed with OVHcloud and Lina is now listed on the marketplace as Lina Cloud Backup at €8/50GB/months with consolidated billing. This price means €0.16/GB/mo. which is 16x the cost of OVH object storage... ($0.01/GB/mo.) even if there is no link between them it gives an idea of some ratio. At the same time Backblaze and Carbonite offers $6/mo for unlimited capacity. Again one difference comes from that Backblaze operates its own data center and built its own software.

Lina appeared to be strategic for Atempo but also for clients especially in the Covid period. For instance, Paris City adopted Lina to protect 10,000+ endpoints. We'll see how adoption will happen especially with the cloud offering but some pricing adjustments need to be done...


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