February 10, 2021

HYCU jumps into Office 365 data protection

HYCU, the emerging leader in modern backup, chose again The IT Press Tour to announce a new product iteration, key for the company and globally for enterprises.

The company is well known for its rapid growth, present in 70+ countries with 320+ partners fueled by its MultiCloud SaaS Backup and Recovery solution and historically for its Nutanix data protection product. It is adopted by more than 2000 customers, runs on-premises or in-the-cloud and is considered by users also to control their journey to the cloud.

The cornerstone product is HYCU Protégé, the complete MultiCloud Data Management supported in various environments with key attributes: on-premises, VMware, Nutanix, AWS, GCP and Azure, agent-less, application aware with databases such Oracle SQLServer or SAP HANA, multi-tenant, dynamic auto-scaling and real as-a-service philosophy.

The new product is HYCU Protégé for O365 and protects the product Office 365 family with Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint and OneNote and Office 365 itself with classic Excel, Word... This is a first differentiator against competition and is promoted as Total 360˚ Protection of O365 and everything is transparent for users.

The protection leverages the journal feature to provide a near CDP capability and offers a high level of granularity. It adds an advanced search feature to navigate within protected data fields. Data are encrypted in-transit and at-rest with industry standard methods, target also is aligned with compliance regulations.

On a second part, HYCU team shared some update on HYCU SAP HANA DR for GCP with new capabilities around scheduling, snapshot and recovery.

On the Nutanix side and especially related to Mine, HYCU supports object storage, erasure coding and deduped storage targets.

Another key topic for the company is the ransomware threat addressed by WORM-aware targets, based on S3 for instance like MinIO integrated by Nutanix as the Objects data service and method. It protects backup images against errors or special actions and supports legal holds and, as said, encryption obviously.

And to conclude, the team reaffirmed the support of bare-metal or physical servers. This is a key element to be considered as an enterprise data protection solution.


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