Monday, April 12, 2021

Model9 releases Cloud Data Manager 2.0

Model9, a growing cloud data management player for mainframe, just announced its 2.0 release of Model9 Cloud Data Manager (CDM).

The main key element is the ability to move data directly between the mainframe and the cloud plus:

The idea to avoid data format conversion or translation into tape-oriented ones, gaining time, complexity, storage space and resources. It means that these generated data could be used also for something else like analytics or other data processing solutions. For users who already adopted Model9 CDM 1.x, they will receive free of charge this capability called Cloud Data Sets.

At the same time, CDM can convert DB2 image copies into various formats such JSON, CSV, binary...

Uses can targets AWS and Azure infrequent-access storage class to reduce even more the cost. Some performance improvements and features like search were added to this major release.

It would interesting to bridge Model9 with Fujifilm Storage-Defined Tape (or Object Archive), StrongBox Data or Versity to continue to use tape via S3 API. It's a real debate as cloud and tape vendors clashed on TCO models.


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