Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Quantum acquires Pivot3 video surveillance business

Quantum, a leader in secondary storage, continues its recovery and its momentum fueled by Jamie Lerner, the new CEO.

This time the storage reference acquired the Pivot3 video surveillance business for just $8.9 million in cash and stock capitalizing on its past efforts to build a comprehensive product line around this hot topic. This also brings to Quantum 500 customers in this segment able to cross- and up-sell the rest of the product line. The company will also welcome engineering, support and other sales and products folks that solidify Quantum position in that market.

Acquirer's teams receive also key software IP around distributed storage, data placement, erasure coding and storage quality of service that an be used in future and the rest of the product line.

And of course appliances and network video recorders and management solutions are in the basket that will be offered under the Quantum VS-Series. Again it makes really sense to aggregate such solutions and couple these with StorNext, ATFS and ActiveScale.

We'll learn more about this strategy when we'll meet Quantum during the 40th edition of The IT Press Tour in October.


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