October 8, 2018

OwnBackup made a push at Dreamforce 2018

OwnBackup, an emerging leader in Salesforce data protection founded in 2012, was pretty visible during Dreamforce 2018 as platinum sponsor with sessions, theatre and active bar.

And it was a battle with Odaseva, its closest competitor, as Spanning, the historical reference, was absent of the show as Kaseya bought them. It has pretty well illustrated the lack of data protection mechanisms on the Salesforce platform. In fact Salesforce even recommends third-parties solutions like the 3 offerings mentioned above. I've just wrote a long article on Data Protection at Dreamforce 2018 published in StorageNewsletter.

Famous for backup, OwnBackup took advantage of the event to unveil a new product, Archiver, that will be available in Q1/2019. The product is a direct attack to Odaseva approach having chosen a similar back-end, with probably MongoDB cloud, Odaseva relies on scalable database on AWS.

In addition, the company announced a blockchain service named ICE to provide integrity check for their data protection images.

Next few months will be interesting as competition will get tougher between Spanning, OwnBackup and Odaseva. Odaseva will have a clear advantage as we'll learn more about Odaseva during the 28th IT Press Tour mid-October in San Francisco. It would be good to meet OwnBackup as well in 2019.

October 5, 2018

Where is (Da)Stratum?

DaStratum or Stratum, emerging player in Cloud Data Management incorporated in December 2015 and based at the Sunnyvale Plug-and-Play, shared strange indicators inviting us to believe that the company ceased its activity. At the time when we write this post:
  • 2 co-founders - Kapil Kumar and Anil Sharma - work respectively for Google and AWS according to their LinkedIn page but they're still listed on the company web site.
  • We discovered also that the company blog part is empty using the default template with random texts, giving not a good feeling.
  • Crunchbase page for DaStratum doesn't exist.
  • and interestingly, Rob Salmon, Cohesity COO and ex-NetApp COO, and Jay Kidd, ex-CTO NetApp also partner at Wing Venture Capital, seat at the board. Both of them don't list Stratum on their profile and Wing seems to not be an investor there as the company is not listed on its portfolio.
We're still in the fog.

In term of solution, the company, still in stealth (?), addresses the challenge to manage and protect cloud data at scale. The team has designed and built a multi-tier cloud file system named Stradl file system, that transparently allocates data block across multiple tiers of storage. They also offer advanced snapshot method with instantaneous, zero footprint copies and an approach to control the copy sprawl of data in cloud - it's so easy to create data that they live everywhere -.

It was/is promising but we're stil in the fog...

October 4, 2018

Odaseva continues its expansion at a rapid pace

Present at Dreamforce 2018 as a silver sponsor, Odaseva, an emerging player developing a data management solution for Salesforce founded in 2012, continues the active promotion of its backup, archiving and compliance approach with full GDPR support. The solution is pretty comprehensive and the conference was a perfect example of that with 11 sessions presented by end-users, partners and Odaseva, all displaying the value and benefits. In a nutshell, Odaseva was very visible.

The company build a dedicated solution for Salesforce, probably the most integrated existing on the market, thanks to the expertise of Sovan Bin, its founding CEO. We hope the company will develop similar solution for other enterprise SaaS applications such Workday, Netsuite, Office 365, even Box or other ones. The competition between players is exactly there, who will be the first to be horizontal enough to grab the market.

The session scheduled during the 28th edition of the IT Press Tour the week of 15th of October in San Francisco will help us understand all the benefits and advantage of Odaseva vs. OwnBackup or Spanning. Great.

October 2, 2018

Kaseya swallowed Spanning

Kaseya, an emerging leader in IT Infrastructure management, just announced the acquisition of Spanning, the data protection specialist for SaaS applications. Of course the amount of the transaction is not public. We noticed that Jeff Erramouspe, former CEO fo Spanning before and after the Dell period, left the company in March 2018, probably for a reason relates to the Kaseya talk at that time.

It's finally just aligned with what I predicted a few months ago as both companies belong to the Insight Venture Partners (IVP) portfolio. Kaseya started to resell Spanning following their partnership announced with Unitrends a few months ago. Definitely IVP is building something and could prepare a big sale following the consolidation of their fragmented data protection portfolio.

According to the press release, Spanning will stay in Austin and will operate as an independent entity.

Therefore, we understand why Spanning was not present at Dreamforce a few days ago, it was a surprise, but we know the reason behind. It has let Odaseva and OwnBackup monopolized the Salesforce data protection floor. It would be good to meet Kaseya with The IT Press Tour in 2019.

September 26, 2018

DataArchiva, interesting approach for Salesforce

Ceptes Software, founded in 2010, did participate to Dreamforce and has promoted its Salesforce data archiving product named DataArchiva, already listed in AppExchange. The product chooses to leverage BigObjects from Salesforce, a different approach not chosen by Odaseva and OwnBackup who design their tool with online scalable database on AWS or with MongoDB cloud.

The company has also 2 other products, the first named XfilesPro for file storage needs connected to Salesforce and the second for encryption do Salesforce within the database.

It's worth a test for each of these 3 products.

September 24, 2018

Odaseva recruits a top caliber to lead its marketing effort

Odaseva, an emerging Salesforce Data Management company, just recruited Remy Claret as its top marketing position to lead a new era for the company.

Remy spent several years at Genesys more recently in San Francisco for the company and before he worked for Atos and SchlumbergerSema. He's a recognized enterprise marketing specialist that will move Odaseva in a new mode, leaving artisanal approach to a more industrial one. Good Luck.

Odaseva will participate to the 28th IT Press Tour mid-October in an Francisco.

September 20, 2018

New financial round for Sysdig

Sysdig, a emerging leader in container and microservices management and security, just announced a new VC round of $68.5M for its series D from Insight Venture Partners who led the tour, Bain Capital Ventures and Accel. The total raised so far reaches a new record of $121.5M. Sysdig plays a significant role in IT today focusing on cloud applications built and delivered as containerized microservices. The company led by Suresh Vasudevan, former CEO of Nimble Storage, since a few months now enters a new era and I won't be surprised to learn some other good news very soon. We'll meet and visit Sysdig for the 3rd time during the 28th IT Press Tour mid-october.

September 17, 2018

What a program for The IT Press Tour #28

The IT Press Tour, the leading IT event for IT press, has unveiled a few days ago participating companies for the 28th edition scheduled mid-October in San Francisco.

Nine companies will joins us with 7 new and 2 who come back respectively for the second time for Platfom.sh and third time for Sysdig. All seven others are new participants, here is the full list:
  • Aera Technology, AI/ML for enterprise management,
  • H2O.ai, open source data science and machine learning platform,
  • Kinetica, GPU database,
  • LogicMonitor, SaaS-based performance monitoring,
  • Mabl, ML-driven test automotion service,
  • Odaseva, Salesforce data management and GDPR,
  • Platform.sh, Continuous deployment cloud hosting PaaS,
  • Sysdig, Container and microservices monitoring and security, and
  • Yellowfin, BI and Analytics platform.
The week will be dense with hot topics and great speakers and leaders, the tour will rock again. I invite you to follow us with @ITPressTour, #ITPT, various publications and reporters Twitter handles.

August 21, 2018

StorReduce swallowed by Pure Storage

StorReduce, an independent data deduplication software company founded in 2014 with offices in New-Zealand and Sunnyvale, CA, just got acquired by Pure Storage, the leader in all flash storage. The transaction is of course non public but as StorReduce is pretty small we don't anticipate a significant amount.

The data reduction technology owned and developed by StorReduce will fit perfectly with Pure Storage FlashBlade product and its public cloud support. It also means that other partnerships could be in trouble. This is the case for the reseller agreement with Western Digital for ActiveScale coupling. In that scenario, StorReduce offers a data services layer fundamental for dumb object storage without any rich services. Many object storage players think they're a good candidate for secondary storage for backup and archive, but without data reduction techniques, these platforms are far to be the right choice. Make your own study to eliminate these limited object storage solutions.

I also understand why Vanessa Wilson, CEO of StorReduce, had some difficulties to join the December IT Press Tour even if she confirmed, sometimes some offers can't be refused. This acquisition is good for both companies and we expect some rapid integration and synergies between products.

July 30, 2018

New partner program for HYCU

HYCU, the leader in Nutanix data protection, extends its partner program under the leadership of a new leader Junelle Swan, VP Channels at HYCU. The idea is to promote a 100% channel business model aligned with Nutanix channels to maximize the impact. It is a simple and financially rewarding channel partner program focus on HYCU Data Protection and IT Monitoring for Nutanix.