February 7, 2019

Komprise raised $24M

Komprise, an emerging leader in data management, recently announced a new round - Series C - $24M for a total of $42M. Interestingly Western Digital, a user of Komprise, is one of the investors in this round.

2018 was a great year for Komprise with growth in several areas: revenue, customers, deployments...

Discovered by The IT Pres Tour a few years ago and met 2 times with the team, Komprise had more than 130 press articles.

Komprise is listed as a target acquisition by several vendors and 2019 should be interesting on that aspect, we heard multiple of 5-7 for them meaning between $200 and 300M.

January 31, 2019

Odaseva unveils a new product iteration

Odaseva, an emerging player in data governance dedicated to Salesforce, just announced Cockpit.AI.

Already pre-announced last October when we met the team in San Francisco during the 28th IT Press Tour, the offering is real now. It relies on machine learning capabilities to predict needs for capacity management especially on file and data storage and API calls that impact seriously the monthly bill and the health of the service. Cockpit.AI represents a real addition to streamline Salesforce investment and extend the automation need for such application deployed in large companies.

With Cockpit.AI, Odaseva adds a serious differentiator against its direct competition and 2019 will be an interesting year in that space. The company is probably one of the most advanced in the Salesforce environment and we expect extension to other SaaS applications as pressure from competition coming from other small players and above large vendors is growing fast. I invite the reader to check the last table about Backup for Saas Applications I published in StorageNewsletter in December. We also expect that the team will react to the market dynamic as they seem to not understand vendors move in that space.

January 25, 2019

New strategy for Veeam

Veeam Software, the leading mid-range backup solution for server virtualization, recently made a pretty big announcement around cloud and data management. In fact, the company reacts to the market pressure and especially the one coming from Rubrik and on the other side the omnipresence of AWS. Veeam wishes to be seen now as an Intelligent Data Management company not limited to backup for SMB but it won't be easy to move that image, release new product and change sales behaviors.

The company announced a new iteration of the Veeam Availibility Platform (VAP) that is composed of 3 products: Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4 and the upcoming Veeam Availability for AWS and Veeam Availability Console v3. Topics around this announce are cost effective data retention, easy cloud migration and data mobility, cloud-native backup and protection for AWS, portable cloud-ready licensing, increased security and data governance, and solutions to make it easier than ever for service providers to deliver Veeam-powered services to market (as written in the PR).

As mentioned above VAP groups several distinct products: Backup & Replication (BR) and Availability Suite. The suite groups itself BR and ONE for monitoring and reporting. The announcement is about:
  • Availability Suite with Cloud Tier supporting AWS S3, Azure Blog Storage, IBM COS and S3 compatible platforms such Cloudian, Minio, SwiftStack..., Cloud Mobility to migrate, move and recover any on-premises or cloud-based workloads to AWS, Azure and Azure Stack, DataLabs for testing security and compliance challenges such GDPR.
  • Availability for AWS combines N2WS cloud-native backup and recovery of AWS workloads, with agent-less backup leveraging AWS snapshots, backup AWS and on-premises applications on S3 and instant recovery of AWS EC2 to boost RTOs.
  • Instance licensing with license migration between locations following the move of the application.
  • Availability Console v3, Universal APIs for products integration with hypervisor, storage and applications partners and support of Microsoft Office365 as a starter.
First remark, the terrible name around one product Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4. What product people are doing at Veeam? This announcement would have deserved probably a 10 release number and not something like a patch, a third digit...

In the image above, container vendors names are missing, no presence of Docker or Kubernetes, not a good sign as today it represents a hot category. A second miss is GCP and as the company promotes multi-cloud, it's a real problem.

Veeam who tried for several years to mimic Veritas has a long run to do as several products and technologies are missing in its product portfolio. Don't assume Veritas is just backup, it's also about data and storage management as Veritas is recognized for its file system, volume manager and clustering solutions and more recently for SaaS Backup, multi-cloud data management. What is true is the Symantec period where the security company finally has frozen Veritas development and it was a clear fact when Veritas has been spun-off. Even an object storage product was absent of the Veritas portfolio, what a miss at that time. We really hope to learn more on this strategy and even know some acquisitions for the VeeamON conference in May in Miami.

January 21, 2019

AWS adds backup

Big news and it confirms again that AWS is a rolling ball almost impossible to stop, addressing IT challenges with or without any consideration of the competition in place.

The new service is Backup. I was surprised at AWS Re:invent last November to see Backup in the product list and nothing on the floor.

AWS Backup is defined as a fully-managed, automatic centralized backup service to protect cloud and on-premises data whatever they are storage volumes, files, file systems or databases ie. integration with Amazon EBS, EFS, RDS, DynamoDB and the Storage Gateway. Next release will add more AWS services in the data protection landscape.

It's also a good recognition for AWS that these services require protection. AWS S3 is not listed as the durability is super high around 12 or even 9s and it is used as backup target by AWS Backup.

But more interestingly, it creates a new advantage for AWS versus other vendors applications on the marketplace with the integration of the service with their other services, I mean AWS Backup to protect AWS EFS or DynamoDB.

It will be funny to see a lambda file storage product running on AWS to use AWS Backup to product its own data. As the service can protect also on-premises data we anticipate some frictions and difficulties for some classic backup vendors. And what about Cloud-to-Cloud backup, it will arrive soon for sure. Clever addition from Amazon. Amazon continues to swallow all classic IT environments and the resistance is a lost battle.


January 18, 2019

Surprise, Veeam raises $500M

Veeam Software, one of the data protection leader and member of the storage unicorn club, has just made a surprising announcement. The company, still private, has a annual revenue around $1B with lots of cash but it seems to be not enough to support the next phase o f the company. But as the pressure gets stronger especially from players such Rubrik or Cohesity, the management has to change rapidly its strategy to limit potential erosion.

Insight Venture Partners and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board have injected $500M to support that organic growth and M&A. With approximately $800M of cash available, the new sum reaches now $1.3B, largely enough to consider serious acquisitions. Veeam realizes that they need external IP and new product blood and this move explained why the former co-CEO Peter McKay left the company a few months ago. That exit illustrates a strong divergence at the executive level and finally Russian won.

Coming from the SMB market segment and strong support in channel, Veeam is not seen as an enterprise solution and suffers from this lack of credibility. A few axis for Veeam to gain fast this credibility towards Data Management: Cloud capabilities with Tiering, Enterprise Data Protection with archiving and advanced support of containers, applications HA and of course GDPR additions.

Last point, the Veeam press release is funny as they completely omitted Veritas as the obvious data protection leader. Veeam tries to be the new Veritas but the road is long, very long...

January 16, 2019

New round for Rubrik

Rubrik, one fo the new data management gem, continues to raise money. This time the company received $261M for its Series E round at a $3.3B valuation. Bain Capital Ventures is a new investor and previous ones - Lightspeed, Greylock, Khosla and IVP - continue to inject money. The total is now $553M, pretty amazing amount meaning that the companies protects itself against an acquisition or raises the bar for it and the next obvious move will be an IPO. This new round illustrates again the importance of the team.

The new investment will be used to extend developments and partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, SAP, Nutanix, Oracle, VMware, Google Cloud, Pure Storage among others.

Met already 5 times with the IT Press Tour, we'll meet them again in June 2019 for a special event. The company is #1 in the overall press coverage for a company participating to the tour.


January 11, 2019

New DXi appliances for Quantum

Quantum, a champion of secondary storage, announced 2 new DXi appliances - the DXi9000 and DXi4800.

The DXi9000 is a real high-end product protecting 20PB in just 10U starting at 51TB to 1PB of useable capacity equipped with 12TB HDDs.

Tee second model the DXi4800 is an entry level product scaling from 8TB to 171TB of useable capacity. Surfing on a real trend, Quantum adds flash to the backup node.

Quantum continues to drive that segment with thousands of appliances deployed, we expect the company to continue innovation in the product line.


December 13, 2018

Sysdig signs with IBM

Sysdig, the emerging leader in container and microservices monitoring services, takes advantage of Kubecon conference to announce a strategic partnership with IBM.

As IBM mandatory goal is to join the top Cloud providers club - AWS, Azure and GCP - understanding the mutation and erosion of on-premises environment, the giant must react rapidly. Cloud implicitly means virtualization and especially container-based applications environments.

Sysdig image
IBM offers now IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig for IBM Cloud. It means the Sysdig solution is integrated into IBM Cloud as the default and preferred monitoring service. It's interesting to see that IBM has started an aggressive strategy around Cloud with recent Red Hat (pending) and NooBaa acquisitions and Sysdig partnership that invite us to think about 2019 and the approaching Think 2019 conference in San Francisco next February.

When we met Sysdig during the recent IT Press Tour in October, we understood that the company is a on rapid growth curve, accelerating developments and honestly as the team and products are super hot, we even estimate that some M&A approaches could appear in 2019.

December 7, 2018

New chapter for Igneous

Same place and same month since 2016 for Igneous as we meet Kiran Bhageshpur, CEO, regularly at NEA in Menlo Park.

Kiran took time to summarize the company evolution with different phases finally pretty aligned with our meetings. It's a good exercice to fix developments and pitch development progresses.

Act 0 was the era of the IP-based disk drives object storage, we all remember the data Box with the Marvell CPU board at the back of each drives in the chassis and managed remotely. I invite the reader to check past articles: . This persistent data layer established, it was time for the company to build data services on top of it.

The second phase i.e Act 1 in 2017 was about the first data services and fundamental ones with backup and archive.

And the last and current initiative - Act 2 - is about UDMaaS i.e Unstructured Data Management as a Service, a comprehensive set of functions to manage enterprise unstructured/file data.

The business opportunity is real and huge as data protection is still for decades a must-have solution especially with the explosion of data volumes with unstructured content such audio/video, IoT, satellite, M2M logs or AI/ML...

The goal is to address the diversity and complexity of these environments with a transversal approach and three core functions beyond backup and archive with data visibility, mobility and protection:
  • Visibility is represented by Data Discover with advanced file analysis of multiple files instances with files ages, metadata tagging and classification and chargeback information.
  • Mobility is related to Data Flow providing an intelligent automated API-based logic to mov data between computing tiers.
  • and Protection is about Data Protect supporting any NAS, file servers and public clouds.
Igneous has developed these services thanks to 3 innovations: InfiniteINDEX, AdaptiveSCAN and IntelliMOVE and doesn't use any resident agent.

The company creates its own quadrant to position its unique approach and lists its own competition - Cohesity, Commvault, Rubrik, Veeam and Veritas - and their relative drawbacks.

In term of business, Igneous targets enterprises customers with a subscription model with a 100% channel mode led Shaun Walsh who joined recently the company.

The product is already a multi-cloud approach and officially supports Pure Storage FlashBlade, Qumulo, NetApp and Dell EMC Isilon plus AWS, GCP and Azure.

The next Act seems to be already scheduled for December 2019 for a new Igneous development iteration.

December 4, 2018

Rubrik Andes 5.0

Rubrik is a strong believer in the IT Press Tour with the 5th meeting during the recent edition. The company has announced a new flavor of its Cloud Data Management product with a new major release named Andes 5.0. Rubrik continues to extend horizontally the coverage o fits environments this time with Oracle Live Mount, SAP Hana with Cockpit and Studio, NAS Direct Archive, physical Windows bare metal recovery, Office 365 and NoSQL databases following Datos IO acquisition a few months go.