Oct 13, 2016

Quantum introduces new Scalar

Quantum (www.quantum.com | NYSE:QTM), leader in secondary storage, just unveils a new line of tape libraries and a coupled solution with StorNext. The first two new products are the i3 and the i6 respectively for the SMB and the enterprise segment. i3 is a 12U and 3PB unit and i6 can stored up to 12PB on 48U.

Oct 12, 2016

NEC HYDRAstor, very rich secondary storage

NEC (www.nec.com | TYO:6701), one of the largest IT vendors on the planet existing for more than a century, continues its market penetration with its storage portfolio. Within its product line, NEC has developed a very comprehensive secondary storage, probably one of the most rich but a bit confidential, named HYDRAstor.

Oct 10, 2016

CloudLanes, a VTL in the cloud

CloudLanes (www.cloudlanes.com), a new cloud storage player, is starting a new data protection offering structured around the cloud. The company, co-founded by Asif Moinuddin, started in January 2016 as a merger with SMS (Storage Migration Services) is developing a cloud-based data vaulting solutions connected to Microsoft Azure.

Sep 26, 2016

Special Edition in Israel for the 20th IT Press Tour

The IT Press Tour (www.itpresstour.com) will take place for the very first time in Israel in November. A group of top European journalists will visit R&D centers and meet top executives from:
  • CTera Networks, leader in EFSS and remote/branch office Data Protection,
  • iguazio, next generation Data Platform-as-a-Service,
  • Infinidat, reference in Enterprise class Hybrid Storage,
  • Kaminario, one of the fastest All-Flash Array promoting a Full Flash Data Center,
  • NooBaa, new player in Scalable Commodity Storage,
  • Reduxio, developper of a new approach storage platform with space efficiency technology,
  • and Weka.IO, a new Software-Defined Storage player.

Sep 16, 2016

Molly Rector joins Quantum

DDN Storage (www.ddn.com), leader on HPC storage, has just published a press release that intrigued me. They name Robert Triendl as SVP Global Sales, Marketing and Filed Services. Ok but DDN has already Molly Rector as CMO. After a few minutes of search, I had the confirmation, Molly Rector is no more at DDN and has joined Quantum as VP of Marketing.

New Data Protection flavor for Veritas

Veritas Technologies (www.veritas.com), the leader in data management, took advantage of its conference Veritas Vision to update NetBackup and introduce a new approach in data protection with a Copy Data Management (CDM).
First the enterprise backup leader NetBackup adds new connectors to support Microsoft Azure and OpenStack in addition to Google Cloud Platform and of course Amazon Web Services. It will be available in the next few quarters.

Aug 10, 2016

Rubrik continues its French market penetration

Rubrik (www.rubrik.com), one of the leader in new generation of data protection, has recently selected Duonyx, a French IT sales and services company, for its expertise in large account sales, integration and partnership. Duonyx already represents top brands and solutions with Cloudian, Dell, Lenovo, Nutanix, Pure Storage, Quantum, Rozo Systems, Symantec and Veritas - all famous and recognized products. Rubrik has participated to the 17th edition of The IT Press Tour in December 2015 and will join the tour again next December. It will boost Rubrik to a new level for European sales presence. Congrats to both team.

Aug 3, 2016

IT Press Tour #20 - Special Israel Edition

The IT Press Tour (www.itpresstour.com) is ready for a new evolution and a tour in Israel invited by many storage vendors to visit the country and R&D centers to feel the power of innovation especially in Storage. Next November, the IT Press Tour team will visit and meet a few data storage and services companies to better understand their technologies and market approaches. 3 of them are completely new with even no detailed web page such Weka.io, I revealed NooBaa in a recent Top News on StorageNewsletter and published one of the first article about Iguaz.io. The other companies are super strong with key leadership position on the market - CTera Networks is a reference in Cloud based | connected- storage, Kaminario is a All-Flash Array top choice and Reduxio Systems, more recent, wishes to change the storage approach with a new primary storage offering with key data protection capabilities. We add a confidential name unable to mention it right now, so please come back to the tour home page in a few weeks close to the event to discover who will be behind.

Aug 1, 2016

SpinBackup, a new entrant in cloud to cloud backup

SpinBackup (www.spinbackup.com), a SaaS backup provider, based in Burlingame, founded in 2013, continues to penetrate the market. The company protects Google Apps, Microsoft 365 and globally operates as a Cloud-to-Cloud backup service. SpinBackup provides also a Cyber Security service as a additional security layer. As of today, SpinBackup cover more than 200 countries, 20000+ individual users, 2000+ companies and 10000 applications. A good success so far. In term of price, there is no free service, it starts at $2 per month with an annual subscription and unlimited storage for Cyber Security, $3 for the Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Recovery and $5 for the combination of the two.

May 26, 2016

BlueArchive, new story or Storiant revival ?

BlueArchive, a startup founded in February 16, 2016 seems to be the new flavor of Storiant. Storiant, formerly SageCloud, has recruited SASI to sell the company, I refer to that in an post written in October 2015.
There is no web site for the company and of course no logo yet, telling me that people wish to operate in stealth mode. BlueArchive is based in Boston like Storiant and Carbonite and the founders are David Friend and Jeff Flowers, 2 good friends who built Carbonite and SageCloud. Hum, you get my point, things converge. BlueArchive received $1.94M May 16, 2016. When you check the LinkedIn profil of Jeff Flowers, you read the following sentence "BlueArchive specializes in large scale date archiving cloud service" and globally we have found only 3 people on LinkedIn from the company. As Cold, Long-Term and Compliance data storage is one of the fantastic opportunity in the industry, we still don't understand how a company - Storiant - that built such interesting solution finally went out of business. Let's wait and see what BlueArchive will develop and how they will approach the market.