01 May 2015

25 years ago, Dominique Vinay founded Quadratec

One of the most prolific French IT entrepreneur especially in Storage Software, Dominique Vinay, launched Quadratec 25 years ago exactly May 1st 1990. I'm pretty sure many of storage veterans remember that brand from France who built a strong backup product named Time Navigator. The company then changed its name to Atempo in 2001 and finally got acquired by ASG in 2011. The product is still sold and has many thousands of deployments.

Dominique Vinay left Atempo early 2000 to start Active Circle, a scalable file storage software, acquired by Oodrive in 2014. He quit a few years before that last acquisition to start a new storage company, Exabuilder, who finally ceased activity in 2014. Dominique Vinay is now retired. Thank you for all your contribution to the storage industry.

10 April 2015

15th IT Press Tour and 5 years

The IT Press Tour (www.itpresstour.com), the media event started in June 2010, will celebrate it's 5 years during the 15th edition in California end of June. The core topic of this week is Software-Defined covered from a network, storage, management and big data perspective. 15 european reporters will participate to meet 11 hot companies, here is the list:
  • Big Switch Networks, a pioneer in SDN,
  • Catalogic Software, a Copy Data player with strong background in data protection,
  • CoreOS, an innovative software for massive deployment,
  • DDN Storage, the leader in HPC Storage,
  • Hedvig, new SDS apporach by the father of Amazon Dynamo and Apache Cassandra,
  • Jut, a new player in Big Data with radical new approach,
  • Micron, the giant manufacturer of Flash and NAND devices,
  • NexGen Storage, the alternative storage vendor dedicated to QoS based storage,
  • Nuage Networks, one of the references in the SDN segment,
  • Pure Storage, the future new storage giant,
  • and Rozo Systems, promoter of a Erasure-coded Scale-Out NAS for high demanding workload.
With this post, we'd like also to announce the launch of a sister event with same format but dedicated to "Business and IT Applications". This new event will happen the week of October 5th. The current IT Press Tour, let's say the classic one, will continue and will be officially marker as an "IT Infrastructure" event.
I invite you to follow the IT Press Tour via the #ITPT twitter hashtag, me with my twitter handle @CDP_FST and other reporters via their respective handles.

08 January 2015

CEO swap at Unitrends

Unitrends (www.unitrends.com), a leader in data protection for SMB, has lost its CEO as the management page doesn't display any CEO position. The 1st name that appears on that page is Mark Campbell who now drives the marketing and the technology side of the company. Mike Coney, CEO from 2009 to 2014, left in December. Interesting, does it illustrate some strategy divergence ? We'll see... . According to Crunchbase, Unitrends raised 20M$ in 4 rounds with 2 acquisitions: PHD Virtual in 2013 and Yuruware more recently in summer 2014. Last minute today, Unitrends just announced a new CEO with Kevin Weiss.

15 December 2014

After Spanning, Backupify is swallowed as well

Backupify (www.backupify.com), a cloud-to-cloud backup provider is now part of Datto after the latter made the announcement yesterday. Following EMC who announced recently the acquisition of Spanning, it was obvious that its #1 competitor will be the target from someone. The surprise is the acquirer name, Datto, we thought more about a large data protection specialist such as Symantec for instance. Who else is independent ? CloudFinder ? wait and see a few months...

08 December 2014

Spanning, a confidential leader

Spanning Cloud Apps (www.spanning.com), leader in Cloud-to-Cloud data backup, has participated to the 14th IT Press Tour a few days ago. The company, recently acquired by EMC, is one of the few players that address the challenge to protect user data in top SaaS applications such Google Apps or Salesforce. The company based in Austin, TX was founded in 2010 and has today 55 employees for 4000+ customers worldwide. Companies used to protect data for on-premises applications even if many of them don't backup at all data. The main justification for Cloud-to-Cloud backup is based on the characteristic of the data in cloud used by SaaS based application. In their recent Data Protection Index report, EMC revealed that companies lost 1.7 trillions $. In addition to that, survey respondents recognize that it's tough to protect Saas based data and many customers think that subscribing to a SaaS implies a data protection service of the data manipulated by these applications. The reality, it's not the case and data are exposed to dramatic scenarios. People really experienced lost of data and consequences are critical for businesses. The second difficulty is that SaaS data are not easy to control and protect as all the IT infrastructure is controlled by other companies. The skill needed to integrate such protection mechanism are not so common so having a recognized tool to do that is fundamental. The last mandatory element is the compliance component. Spanning does all that and does that very well. The service offered by Spanning covers essentially 3 things: of course, Backup as the data need to be copied to a secondary place, here everything is secured on Amazon, Restore, the key part and the most critical aspect of the service. In 2 words, a backup is evaluated by its Restore function not the Backup capability and many of the vendors promote new backup features. Users want easy, consistent and fast restore for their data, this is the last copy of their data most of the time. Spanning is recognized for Google Apps and Salesforce and recently add the same capability for Microsoft Office365 meaning that today Spanning has probably the largest data perimeter from SaaS world. For Google, Spanning secures Drive, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and Sites, protection today 350,000 accounts and 4000+ domains representing billions of emails and documents. For Salesforce, the demo made by Jeff Erramouspe, CEO of Spanning, was impressive by the simplicity and the integration with the UI.

EMC participated to the Spanning meeting and Russ Stockdale, VP and GM Data Protection Cloud, has presented the following presentation to help us understand where Spanning fits and also give us the EMC strategy in Data Protection.

Spanning also announced the support of Microsoft Office365 illustrating perfectly their leadership position in the market. That support is currently in Beta and plans to be be GA in H12015. Clearly EMC acquired a real gem, leader in its domain, let's see how competition will react...

02 December 2014

Overland and Sphere3D officially merged

Overland Storage (www.overlandstorage.com | NASD:OVRL) and Sphere 3D (www.sphere3d.com | NASD:ANY), have now officially merged together after a pretty long time since they announced their desire to combine their destiny. The result is really promising with technologies and products coming from 4 areas: Overland Storage, Tandberg Data, V3 Systems and Sphere 3D. Overland wills top to be traded on Nasdaq and the only traded ticket will be Sphere 3D on ANY symbol at Nasdaq as well. Interesting the new Chairman and CEO of Sphere 3D is the wizard Eric Kelly. We expect to see very soon some innovative products in Cloud and Virtualization world such as Overland and other departments can deliver.

13 November 2014

EMC acquires Spanning

EMC (www.emc.com | NYSE:EMC), the worldwide storage leader announced recently the acquisition of Spanning, the Cloud-to-Cloud data backup vendor, probably one of the leader in that segment. It will be interesting to understand how EMC sees that piece of the world as Spanning data are stored on Amazon... More information will be delivered directly by Spanning during the next IT Press Tour in December and for sure EMC will be there as well. In fact, this announcement is part of a more global and strategic one for EMC with CloudScaling and Maginatics, illustrating that Cloud Data Access will be key in the future promoting by a vendor side choice: Hybrid Cloud. This is a great news for Spanning, congratulations.

10 November 2014

14ème édition de l’IT Press Tour

14, vous avez bien lu. Véritable marronnier et devenu une référence depuis quelques saisons, l’IT Press Tour va reprendre ses quartiers dans la vallée première semaine de Décembre. 15 journalistes et reporters européens vont converger vers la Californie dans le but de rencontrer de belles pépites comme toutes les éditions passées l’ont permises. Pour cette tournée, nous allons nous concentrer sur 3 thèmes majeurs: le Stockage, le Cloud et le Big Data et visiterons par ordre alpha:
  • Cloudera, locomotive incontestée du Big Data à la sauce Hadoop et fidèle parmi les fidèles, cette visite sera la 5ème,
  • Cloudian, acteur de Cloud Storage prometteur à base de technologie ring,
  • Diablo Technologies, développeur d’une solution de stockage hyper rapide,
  • Elasticsearch, leader en moteur de recherche hyper évolutif,
  • Exablox, référence en stockage SMB hyper scalable à base de technologie ring aussi,
  • Nimble Storage, leader du stockage hybride, un fidèle également qui participe pour la 4ème fois,
  • ObjectiveFS, acteur récent qui surfe sur le stockage Amazon S3 en mode file system,
  • Platfora, pour une meilleure compréhension des données collectées toujours avec Hadoop,
  • Platform9, nouvelle pépite du Cloud Management,
  • Primary Data, surprise par les fondateurs de Fusion-IO David Flynn et Rick White,
  • Qubole, innovateur en matière de plateforme Hadoop,
  • Spanning, leader en backup cloud, qui vient de se faire acheter par EMC, bien vu de notre part.
Suivez le tour grâce au hashtag #ITPT, en me suivant sur Twitter @CDP_FST et les autres membres du groupe et en lisant les articles sur les différents supports qui participent à cette édition pleine de promesses.

17 August 2014

Lookout lève 150M$

Lookout (www.lookout.com), éditeur de la solution éponyme pour la protection de terminaux mobiles, vient d'annoncer un levée en tour F de 150M$. Le total se monte à 282M$, avec des VCs renommés comme Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bezos Expeditions, Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners ou A16Z. Lookout fait référence en matière de protection de terminaux mobile - smartphone ou tablette - au travers de services comme anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware pour un browse sécurisé et mais aussi la géolocalisation, le verrouillage à distance, la sauvegarde des données et leur migration vers un nouveau mobile et la RAZ de son terminal même à distance en cas de vol par exemple, le tout accessible depuis un tableau de bord général. Aujourd'hui plus de 50 millions d'utilisateurs contribuent au succès de Lookout grâce aux données collectées et aux analyses associées. Nous avions rencontré Lookout à leur siège de San Francisco en Novembre 2011 pour le 6ème édition de l'IT Press Tour, bien avant leur succès et l'adoption par les opérateurs. Le service est vraiment génial, je l'utilise depuis cette même date et j'en suis super satisfait.

11 August 2014

Quantum avale Symform

Quantum (www.quantum.com | NASD:QTM), leader en stockage secondaire, absorbe Symform, l'une des pépites du stockage P2P sur Internet. Vous vous en souvenez peut-être, nous avions rencontré Symform lors de la 10ème édition de l'IT Press Tour en Décembre 2012. Une belle démonstration technique avec d'une dispersion sur Internet d'un Erasure Code (EC) sur 96 fragments (64 de data et 32 de parité) qui validait la technologie.

Au moment de notre rencontre, il y a donc presque 2 ans, Symform couvrait déjà 170 pays et avec générait plus de 6 milliards de fragments de données pour 175 Million de fichiers (6 x 10^9 x 64MB = 384 PB)! La mission de Symform était de bâtir un service de protection de données sur Internet entre les systèmes participatifs, donc très peu cher et très rapide. Le modèle business fut plus délicat à mettre en place, un turnover d'exec, le co-fondateur Praerit Garg a quitté l'entreprise, plusieurs VP Marketing et un nouveau CEO avec le maintien du CTO Bassam Tabbara ont contribué à un flou autour de l'entreprise.

Quantum acquiert la plateforme, la base installée et l'équipe de développement et dévoile ainsi une volonté de devenir un acteur de Cloud Storage avec encore une fois la présence d'EC en plus de la gamme Lattus. Au-delà de l'offre actuelle Q-Cloud, nous comprenons que Quantum va agréger cette technologie à StorNext et à Lattus. Aujourd'hui la plateforme Symform couvre 170 pays et 45000 clients, de quoi satisfaire les ambitions de Quantum. Bravo, belle prise.