November 26, 2018

SDS and SDN for the IT Press Tour #29

The IT Press Tour, the leading IT event for IT press, has announced participating companies for the 29th edition planned 1st week of December in Silicon Valley.

Eleven companies will participate with famous names, some are new on the market, some are well established, here is the full list:
  • CloudGenix, leader in SD-WAN,
  • DDN Storage, largest private storage provider,
  • Hammerspace, innovator in metadata management,
  • Igneous, disruptor in data protection for large unstructured data environment,
  • Minio, fstest growing object storage company,
  • Panasas, established high performance file storage vendor,
  • Pica8, key driver of the SDN segment,
  • Quantum, reference in secondary storage,
  • RStor, emerging player in enterprise performance computing,
  • Rubrik, cloud data management key player,
  • and Vexata, fast storage for hogh demanding applications.
Super week in perspective, dense with hot technologies and projects, great leaders and executives, the tour will shake the market again. I invite you to follow us with @ITPressTour, #ITPT, various publications and reporters Twitter handles.

November 21, 2018

LogicMonitor now for Kubernetes

LogicMonitor, the SaaS-based performance monitoring leader, just introduced a solution for DevOps named LM Service Insight for Kubernetes. It delivers 3 functions: service health, alerting and SLAs integrated to the LogicMonitor platform. IT includes discovery of nodes, pods, services and containers supporting K8 deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

November 19, 2018

Odaseva unveils 3 new services

Odaseva, an emerging leader in Salesforce data protection, continues to maintain a gap with followers and announced 3 new product extensions:
  • Vault to save backup images
  • Cockpit AI for predictions around data governance and management and
  • to copy out backup images on a daily basis coming from a weekly basis mode.


November 14, 2018

DataFlow, a collaboration between DDN Storage and Atempo

DDN Storage has presented DDN DataFlow at SC18 this week. The storage leader picked a recognized proven data mover product Atempo Digital Archive aka ADA, and partner Atempo, and confirms its leadership in end-to-end data management solutions.

The two companies signed an oem partnership agreement, no press release or other announcements were made and nothing is present on DDN nor Atempo website. There is no any mention of Atempo anywhere on DDN booth. Except a few Atempo people, ADA "father" Bernard Peultier and Ferhat Kaddour, Alliances boss, to support if needed DDN team, no indicator of that partnership was displayed.

DataFlow is a pure software solution supporting multi-source and targets such file, object, cloud and tape providing backup, archive and migration services perfectly aligned with high demanding environments needs.

This deal for Atempo follows a few weeks ago the one announced with Huawei at the Connect 2018 conference in Shanghai to offer a joint solution.

We'll have soon a very good opportunity in December IT Press Tour to meet and visit DDN and learn more about all their recent announcements especially around Whamcloud and Tintri acquisitions, AI strategy and data management approach.


November 5, 2018

Probably the best Salesforce data protection solution

Odaseva, founded in 2012 by Sovan Bin, today CEO, is one of the emerging players in SaaS applications data protection with its Salesforce solution. Start to use Salesforce without a proven data protection solution like Odaseva is a risk, exposing critical data to a loss and impacting the day-to-day business of any enterprise. Even Salesforce recognizes its limitations and recommends an AppExchange third-party partner to protect data. Odaseva is one of them.

We have met the team during the recent IT Press Tour to learn more about their compelling Salesforce solution.

The team has demonstrated a real deep expertise of the Salesforce environment having developed probably one of the most advanced product to solve this data protection challenge. It runs as an redundant instance on taken data and metadata from the Salesforce cloud to store them on AWS. The RPO offered by the solution is reduced to 1 hour which is pretty good for this kind of application. We hope the team thinks about a CDP mode to track all changes in real-time and trigger a copy a bit like a copy-on-write mode.

Several enterprise key characteristics summarize Odaseva product philosophy:
  1. Security at every level of the product with the 2-factors authentication single sign-on, data encryption in-transit with HTTPS/TLS 1.2, at-rest with AES-256 bits and for column, field and file.
  2. Granularity for tasks, views, users, roles...
  3. Performance with parallel streaming and full, incremental and partial manual or automatic backups.
  4. Replication of backup images via SFTP or Azure Blob, AWS S3 and even in Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

The company has secured lots of famous customers such Toyota, GE, Orange Bank, Robert Half, Heineken or Schneider Electric who rely on Odaseva unique solution.

Odaseva provides also an archiving mode and can be considered today as a leader in GDPR for Salesforce with its capability to offer a right-to-access, right-to-portability and right-to-be-forgotten.

Surprisingly, the company didn't raise any [significant] financial round or very little amount by angels and founders but they don't communicate at all about that. We hope Odaseva will enter into a new phase soon as the company was founded 6 years ago and still seen as a small confidential but specialist gem. It means a new level of finance to boost their development is needed now. We expect also a horizontal product expansion to support other famous SaaS applications to increase their customer footprint, grow significantly their revenue and address competitive challenges.

Of course, at the same time, this SaaS data protection category receives more and more interest by usual backup suspects such Veritas, Druva, Asigra, Acronis and even recently by Commvault and NetApp so Odaseva must maintain its unique technology approach and again expand SaaS coverage. 2019 will be for sure an interesting year for SaaS application data protection.

November 1, 2018

Follow the exit sign

We learn lessons from the past and build future on it: let's do once more what worked in the past, it should work again. In France we say "Jamais 2 sans 3", I'm pretty sure you'll get it or as George Santayana said "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

First, Reduxio Systems just appointed Mike Wall as chairman. We understand the influence of his recent track record having sold Atempo to ASG in 2011 when he was CEO and Amplidata to HGST in 2015 when he was executive Chairman. We also notice that the HQ in South San Francisco is now a city office under remodeled and the company HQ has moved to Palo Alto.

Second, Scality also announced Jason Donahue as the new chairman. He sold Ejasent to Veritas in 2004 for less then $60M - I was at Veritas at that time -, Meiosys to IBM in 2005, ClearApp to Oracle in 2008 or more recently Cloudmark to Proofpoint in 2017, here is the connection. He did the IPO for Apptix and led Acronis for more than 3 years as well, so a professional of exits.

It seems clearly that Reduxio, founded in 2006, and Scality, founded in 2009, are looking for an exit soon pushed by a board that starts to be a bit anxious.

October 31, 2018

October 30, 2018

LM Cloud now available for GCP

LogicMonitor, leader in SaaS-based performance monitoring, just announced LM Cloud for GCP extending what is already available for AWS and Azure.

LM Cloud provides a single unified view of resources across top 3 cloud providers AWS, Azure and now GCP, delivering automation, auto-discovery, applications and operating system-level metrics, availability of service and spend to control costs.

This is the LogicMonitor answer to the multi-cloud market need delivering a comprehensive cloud monitoring solution establishing a new market standard. We expect now some more extension around container and microservices orchestration...

October 25, 2018

Igneous strengthens data management

Igneous, among the few innovators in storage for a few years, continues its change and move towards a full software model. The solution has evolved a lot now targeting enterprise data challenges with hybrid cloud approach with its Unstructured Data Management aka UDM.

We remember when we met Kiran Bhageshpur, CEO, in December 2016 with the IT Press Tour team with his promotion of an S3 compatible objet storage appliance with IP drives based on the coupling of a Marvell CPU board and HDD. That product named dataBox with its dataRouter was an brilliant approach a bit orthogonal with the SDS wave that implies to be hardware agnostic. This was for us the phase #1 of Igneous.

The phase #2 is related to the first software shift towards data management for the company seen for the second time in December 2017. Kiran spoke about secondary storage with data protection essentially backup, archive and tiering.

We understood some changes in the mission and clearly the strategy of Igneous is to move away from the hardware model and the recent software release - phase #3 - revealed a full data management approach with 3 key functions: Data Discover, Data Protect and Data Flow.

These 3 core elements feed an even more comprehensive UDM:
  • Data Discover: Virtual views of data, easy search and classification thanks to AdaptiveScan and InfiniteIndex to answer famous "classic" questions of the How, What and Where about data growth, changes, ownerships... This is done without any agent.

  • Data Protect: improved and enhanced backup, archive, tiering and DR for primary NAS, object and cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP) at the API level for NetApp, Isilon, Qumulo and Flashblade. Three keys points: metadata are stored in InfiniteIndex, Intellimove moves copy data at high speed and AdaptiveScan tracks changes.

  • Data Flow: API-driven and automated data movement to create end-users driven workflow for data analysis.

Igneous is ready to shake the unstructured data management market segment and with several competitors, overlaps exist so they must deliver a unique approach, what they do. Since we follow Igneous, the positioning of the company changed from a hardware/device-centric driven solution to a software-driven platform. As we'll meet Kiran again in December, we hope to learn new end-users deployments an d their outcomes, what was competition for these users, a bit of technology, how things work and a bit of future of course.

October 24, 2018

Cleondris, a hidden player from Switzerland

NetApp Insight was also the opportunity to discover Cleondris, a swiss software company founded in 2006 by Christina Plattner, dedicated to the NetApp environment with specific add-ons built for ONTAP and HCI.

The company develops three products:
  1. Cleondris Data Manager (CDM) is a backup, restore and indexing solution specifically designed for ONTAP.
  2. SnapGuard is related to AIM - Access and Identity Management - existing in 2 flavors Enterprise and Light Editions, focusing on malicious access. The EE leverages fpolicy and EVTX monitoring.
  3. HCI Control Center, the last product of the portfolio in beta now, targets NetApp HCI and offers storage failover with VMware integration and orchestrate backup intra HCI, to ONTAP and to Cloud/S3 destinations.
Interesting solutions with the difficulty for the vendor to maintain enough advance with its own competition or even NetApp internal developments. We'll see how this solution will evolve as the company is very confidential.