Tuesday, December 06, 2016

MemoScale accelerates market presence

MemoScale (www.memoscale.com), the only dedicated and pure ISV to erasure coding, has participated recently to the 21st IT Press Tour. The company has demonstrated with a very small team an excellent track record and product capabilities.
Available as a module for Ceph, OpenStack Swift and Apache Hadoop HDFS or C-library running on Intel or ARM processors, MemoScale beats classic Reed-Solomon or ISA-L flavors. It is now more easy to compare product offering and determine who is promoting real good, transparent, fast and efficient erasure coding. MemoScale is 2x faster than ISA-L and more than 3x than Jerasure for encoding with 10 data blocks and 4 parities on Intel Xeon E5-2676 v3 2.4 Ghz. The company continues its market approach with oem and reseller go to market model and should announce some interesting partnerships in 2017.


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