April 12, 2019

HYCU adds databases for GCP

HYCU, emerging leader in data protection for virtual environments and reference in Nutanix environments, continues to iterate its expertise outside of its comfort zone Nutanix recognizing that cloud eats the world and can't be ignored.

Considered as scandal or not, cloud providers such Google or SaaS vendors like Salesforce don't offer data protection but only makes sure production data are highly available. The only things they protect is the infrastructure, I should say their infrastructure, so the service can be maintained up and running.

HYCU for GCP was first introduced in July 2018 protecting VMs by leveraging Google snapshot technology, IAM and object storage. At that time and even now, it was the first backup and recovery solution offered as-a-Service on GCP and listed on the GCP marketplace.

The company goal is also to be invisible for applications with very limited impact on production with no agent approach, zero deployment philosophy and simple for users. The pricing model is the same charged by source capacity and billed by Google, meaning that Google sales will be commissioned on it.

During recent Google Cloud Next conference, HYCU makes a new step with the full support of Google Cloud SQL with MySQL and PostgreSQL. We even anticipate SQLServer soon as HYCU has developed a huge expertise for such database engine. The product will be GA in June 2019 perfectly aligned with The IT Press Tour.


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