June 17, 2019

A new era for Atempo

Atempo, the long time leader in data protection, was a good surprise of the recent IT Press Tour and it was the perfect opportunity to get an update on the current company as it evolved a lot for several years now.

It was an easy mission for Atempo team as the company and products are pretty famous for a few decades now and lots of people know it already. So we needed to get some interesting angles.

Back to the root, Atempo was started as Quadratec in 1991 by Dominique Vinay and kept this name approximately 10 years, changing its name to Atempo during one of the famous Forum Stockage show in 2001.

For a decent period of time, Atempo was associated to Time Navigator aka Tina and its well known time navigation, so the name, its GUI and its capabilities to generate synthetic full backup images from "independent" ones. In other words, Tina was able to present very simply a data environment at a given data acting like a Time Addressable Storage solution.

Later the company acquired Storactive and Synerway, more recently the assets of Lima (always same kind of words finally...), not to forget the period of approximately 8 years under ASG leadership that was not a memorable moment for the team. Atempo got "evacuated" from ASG and finally landed in the Wooxo-Atempo group being absorbed by Kick Start Management in 2017, a business entity led by Luc d'Urso and Cyprien Roy and based in La Ciotat near Marseille in France. This new life means also a new logo with green and blue colors and new values centered around preserving and ensuring durable environment.

In the meantime, Atempo has extended its product line with Atempo Digital Archive best know under the acronym of ADA.

The company's leaders launched a new entity name NextIno, acting as an AI lab, and based in Orleans in France. This lab is led by Bernard Peultier, a long time Atempo executives, data protection pioneer and father of ADA.

In term of products, we already mentioned Tina and ADA, we must also list Lina (Live Navigator) for endpoint protection with near-CDP mode and Backstone, a backup appliance line tailored for RoBo.

The last product iteration was Miria who targets Backup, Migration, Archiving and Data Moving for large unstructured data environments. Miria is open to all NAS and file servers as sources, even some special flavors like IBM GPFS aka Spectrum Scale and soon Lustre, Panasas and WekaIO we hope, and support file and - on-premises and cloud - object storage devices in term of targets.

With 135 people working for the new Atempo and offices in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, USA, China, Korea and Singapore, the team is ready for new challenges and business expansions. The business model is 100% channel with a large network of VARs and VADs with specific alliances. The pricing model is a mix of perpetual license but also a new subscription/SaaS approach.

2020 should be interested to see with next iteration of all these products and the arrival on NextIno AI contribution to makes them even more unique. We expect also to see a pure SaaS flavor of Tina or Miria.

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