June 19, 2019

HYCU unveiled Protégé

HYCU, the emerging data protection player for hybrid cloud workload, reserved a surprise for The IT Press Tour attendees a few weeks ago as its team unveiled in exclusivity Protégé, its new data management product to solve the multi-cloud data protection challenges.

The reality of IT environments shows that enterprises use private data centers, various public clouds and SaaS applications that finally adds a new cloud flavor. This becoming super complex and the need to protect homogeneously these different workloads is crucial. In fact, the idea is to reduce the complexity and at least not adding a new complexity dimension for data protection, the production environment is already complex by itself. HYCU Protégé has several goals, among them the famous "lift and shift" approach to offer data migration across clouds, on-premise and public, and cross-cloud application recovery and disaster recovery.
  HYCU Protege dashboard

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