August 15, 2019

Datos IO RecoverX morphs into Rubrik Mosaic

Rubrik continues its integration of Datos IO technology and decided now to completely remove the name of the company they acquired early 2018. The product is now named Rubrik Mosaic even if the release number train is maintained, the current version is 3.1.

This new iteration introduces some enhancements for NoSQL database especially for Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise aka DSE and MongoDB. It is also now listed on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with a BYOL model and supporting last versions of databases.

Mosaic supports DSE 6 and 6.7 and the new index format introduce by DataStax with the 6.0 release. The popular DataStax Enterprise Search, integration of Apache Solr with Cassandra enterprise flavor, is now also backup natively by Mosaic 3.1. MongoDB 4.0 is also now supported with full compatibility wit the multi-document ACID transactions and real improvements in restore process.

The installation process was also improved and is now integrated with Ansible for on-premise or in-cloud deployments. This script is open source available on GitHub.

Monitoring leverages standards tools such Datadog, ServiceNow and Splunk. The product is getting more and more comprehensive and continuing to led this particular data protection segment. Good job.

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